Ed Port’s story on TLC cable channel Wednesday

Ed Port’s story on TLC cable channel Wednesday


A township man with a disease that causes large facial tumors hopes the airing of a documentary about his struggle brings more awareness to the disease.

“My Giant Face Tumor” relays the story of Ed Port, as well as a woman in Thailand. They both suffer from neurofibromatosis.

It will air at 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. Wednesday on cable-television channel TLC.

Both Port and the woman underwent surgery by Dr. McKay McKinnon in Chicago.

Port hopes the film “brings more awareness to neurofibromatosis and, hopefully, more research dollars.”

Before the surgeries, the tumor obscured much of the left side of Port’s face — limiting both his hearing and vision.

Dr. McKinnon has operated three times on Port with a fourth surgery scheduled for Nov. 29.

The documentary crew filmed Port’s second surgery and also visited with him before and after his first surgery.

“I haven’t seen any of the film,” he said. “I have no idea what people will see. When everyone else sees it for the first time, I’ll be seeing it for the first time, too.”

Dr. McKinnon operated on Port the first time in June 2011. Most of the large tumor was removed during the 12-hour surgery. Port lost a lot of blood and spent time in intensive care.

During the second surgery in October 2011, which lasted 10 hours, the surgeon removed smaller tumors and worked to reshape some of Port’s facial features.

The third surgery last March took about six hours, and Dr. McKinnon worked on Port’s eyelid and tried to make the facial features on Port’s left side more even with the right.

While his recovery was long, Port returned last April to his job at a local call center.

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