Marriage licenses

Edward A. Zuccaro, 31, of 8472 Four Seasons Trail, Poland, and Danielle M. Galterio, 26, of same.

New complaints

Joan R. Ashton v. Cheryl L. Holtom et al, other torts.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA v. Jerome M. FIlisky et al, foreclosure.

PNC Bank NA v. Joseph A. Belcastro Jr. et al, foreclosure.

County treasurer v. heirs of John R. Thomas, deceased, et al, foreclosure and transfer of title.

US Bank NA v. Shawn A. Metzler et al, foreclosure and reformation.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA v. Gregory D. Miller, foreclosure.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Andrea L. Yeaton et al, foreclosure.

GMAC Mortgage LLC v. John W. Host et al, foreclosure.

Asset Acceptance LLC v. Stephen R. Borovitcky, money.

Asset Acceptance LLC v. Branda S. Vitullo, money.

Lani Senvisky v. Western Reserve Care Systems et al, workers’ compensation.

Timothy W. Martin v. North Coast Pizza et al, workers’ compensation.

Olom Ltd. v. Marsha A. Bucciarelli et al, money.

Murrlle Childs v. Great Lakes Construction Co. et al, workers’ compensation.


State v. Eric T. Vancobb Jr., probation extended for one year.

State v. Timothy S. Smith, dismissed.

State v. Michael L. Peace, sentenced to two years’ probation through APA.

State v. Hance Dennis, sentenced to four years in prison.

State v. Patrell Scott, sentenced to seven years in prison.

State v. Rayshawnda Clark, pleads guilty.

State v. Shalena Clark, pleads guilty.

State v. Derrick Oliver, pleads guilty.

State v. Rayshon J. Ware, pleads guilty. (2)

State v. Christopher Dawson, sentenced to two years’ probation through APA.

State v. Vivian Warren, sentenced to one year in prison.

State v. Paul J. Kern Jr., pleads guilty.

Blue Diamond Properties LLC v. Douglas H. Musser, order of magistrate.

Angel Mendez et al v. John Volchko, settled.

Marvin Hayes v. A Bonamase Contracting Inc. et al, order of magistrate.

Beneficial Ohio Inc. v. Michael J. Vranches et al, dismissed.

RBS Citizens v. David P. Beeson et al, order of magistrate.

Marco Torres et al v. Edward J. Knapick et al, order of magistrate.

Alan J. Hess v. Mary Friess, order of magistrate.

CitiMortgage Inc. et al v. Eric L. Wegendt et al, order of magistrate.

Bank of America NA v. Kevin C. Ball et al, order of magistrate.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. Natalie Lopez et al, consent judgment entered.

Maureen A. Starner v. Walgreen Co., order of magistrate.

Cavalry SPV I LLC v. Ruth W. Anstrom, order of magistrate.

Bank of America NA v. Christopher P. Kerby et al, order of magistrate.

JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Daniel Clark et al, order of magistrate.

Megan L. Valentino v. Carney D. McAllister, order of magistrate.

Real estate

Edward A. Mitchell et al to Kathy L. Seabold, Alden Ave., Alliance, $1,340.

Ronnie L. Tye et al to 5 Palms LLC, Forest Park Place, Boardman, $175,000.

Patricia McFarland to Robert Macomber et al, Hunters Woods Blvd., Canfield, $127,500.

Stephen H. Gurgocz et al to George L. Haag, Fairfield Ave., Youngstown, $213,000.

Rita A. Mayti to Brandee Bellino, Nottingham Ave., Austintown, $96,900.

Dennis L. Knoedler et al to Diane K. Kaurich et al, state Route 62, Salem, $99,000.

Richard L. Percy et al to Joseph A. Gimbara et al, Norman Ave., Alliance, $3,000.

H. Ronald Untch to Gorgen Properties LLC, Massachusetts Ave., Poland, $268,500.

Anna Shoffner to Donald R. Bradt et al, West Virginia Ave., Sebring, $4,000.

James Ocarz et al to Alex M. Amendolea et al, Windel Way, Youngstown, $14,300.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to 5600 Mahoning Ave. LLC, Mahoning Ave., Youngstown, $26,900.

Vincent Congluse et al to Patricia E. Kopko et al, Breezewood Drive, Youngstown, $113,000.

John F. Danks III to Janet Repasky, Struthers Road, New Middletown, $146,000.

FNMA to Gerald W. Harvey, Chatham Lane, Youngstown, $6,000.

S. Samuel Cera et al to Robert E. Bowers, Herbert Road, Canfield, $210,000.

Fannie Mae to Lonnie Wolfe, Fourth St., Struthers, $6,995.

Angel L. Rodriguez to Fernando Lopez, Shehy St., Youngstown, $16,000.

Joan A. Motheral, trustee, et al to Robert W. Joshua, Ottawa Drive, Youngstown, $70,000.

David Joseph III to Crissy White, Crabwood Drive, Youngstown, $69,000.

Smcuti C. Desai et al to James D. Rossier, Cider Mill Crossing, Austintown, $163,000.

Bryon L. Thorne et al to Peter J. Rozzi et al, Cranberry Creek, Boardman, $136,000.

Kathleen P. Driest to Gregory Dudash, Lee Lynn Court, Poland, $205,000.

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