Cortland, Howland TAX LEVIES ON NOV. 6 BALLOT

Cortland Police Levy

Amount: 3-mill continuing replacement levy

Revenue: $405,000annually

Department budget: $1.1 million

Department size: 9 full-time workers

Average salary (patrolmen): $57,500 (includes overtime)

Average cost per $100,000 home: $24 per year.

Howland Police Levies

Amounts: 0.75-mill continuing replacement levy,

1-mill continuing levy

Revenue: $304,898 from 0.75 mill; 1 mill would generate $405,530 annually.

Department budget: $1,735,957

Department size: 21 full time

Average salary: $48,000 (without overtime)

Average cost per $100,000 home: $28 per year

Howland Fire Levy

Amount: 1.75-mill continuing replacement levy

Revenue: $711,428 annually

Department budget: $2,088,710

Department size: 26 full-time

Average salary: $50,000

Average cost per $100,000 home: $36.05

Howland Local Schools

Amount: 8.1-mill levy to run for 10 years

Revenue: $5 million annually

Budget: $27 million

Average salaries: teachers, $59,979; administrators: $80,195

Average cost per $100,000 home: $243

Source: City, township and school officials

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