Strategists are betting on ‘victims’

Strategists are betting on ‘victims’

Mitt Romney’s previous remarks addressing 47 percent of Americans as “victims” has received condemnation and ridicule by Democrats and apologetic explanations by Republicans.

It seems ironic that his statement is considered so offensive while hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent by Democrats and Republicans on negative attack ads (lies) telling me, the viewer, that if opponent x is elected or re-elected he will make, or already has made, me a “victim.”

The political strategists — whose only concern is electing their candidate and who are smarter than I am— obviously recognize the importance of the “victim” vote.

My question is: Are the hundreds of millions being spent on (a) “victim” minded masses (47 percent-plus) of the voting population or (b) small numbers of “victim” minded voters that strategists believe will secure the election.

All the smart money is on the “victim“ vote, regardless of its size.

Joe Parsons, Youngstown

Americans may be catching on

CEO pay has grown to 380 times as much as that of the blue- collar worker. That must be OK with Mitt Romney, because I don’t hear him speaking about the huge gap.

On top of all of the ridiculous pay to top management, they also receive bonuses because $10 million or $20 million isn’t enough to live on. Then they are given the green light to move jobs offshore and shut down plants just so greedy stockholders can make millions more.

Well, I don’t know how long American workers are going to put up with this kind of garbage, but I hope it’s not too long.

The Romney-Ryan ticket will help CEOs destroy unions along with workers’ pensions and health care, but the American people are wising up to their evil games.

Vote Democrat and help save the middle class from oblivion.

Bud McKelvey, Hermitage