We need a new energy president

We need a new energy president

Today, as hundreds of mil- lions of dollars are being distributed to local landowners, as billions are being invested by oil field companies offering hundreds of jobs, and now hearing the steady drumbeat for training to fill the seemingly endless supply of coming jobs; we must look to see who will support those industries —our future — and vote accordingly.

In short, we must become energy voters. So where does our president stand with his energy vote? Since taking office President Obama has:

1. Decimated the coal industry by killing coal fired power plants and affordable electricity.

2. Gave billions to Brazil to develop their offshore oil assets while shutting down the U.S. Gulf of Mexico exploration for nearly a year.

3. Killed the Keystone XL pipeline that would bring cheaper Canadian oil to market in U.S. refineries and create thousands of jobs to build it; while Ambassador Richard Morningstar recently said that “The United States is ready to help Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Turkey build the Trans-Caspian gas pipeline in the speediest possible manner.”

4. Enacted EPA air quality standards in 2014 that will impair the well servicing companies’ ability to stimulate wells; ultimately making it more difficult to make wells produce the oil and gas.

5. Limited drilling on most federal lands across America.

6. Given billions of dollars to now bankrupt “Green energy” companies like Solyndra, with more of them failing every day.

7. In spite of reduced demand for gasoline, American’s cost of fueling our cars and trucks has doubled during this president’s tenure. His “all of the above strategy” is skewed towards a combination of crony capitalism and NIMBYism. It bears almost no resemblance to the capitalism that brought America to the forefront of every industry in the last 200 years.

In spite of this president, the private sector increased oil and gas production in America, and we are next.

If we truly “vote our pocketbooks,” then we must look clearly at the fact that Northeast Ohio is becoming a focal point for the energy independence America must have.

We need to become energy voters or the bonus checks being distributed today might be the last of the payments we will see.

Dan Crouse, Warren