City should take into account the hazards of shale gas development

City should take into account the hazards of shale gas development

Based on evidence from other regions in the U.S. and overseas, shale gas development in northeastern Ohio will come with major environmental and health risks

As members of the community we recommend the Youngstown City Council to not lease the mineral rights of city property. We also strongly recommend that the city of Youngstown join other cities (such as Pittsburgh and Cincinnati) and ban fracking and fracking waste.

This ban should remain in effect at least until companies are required to clean their used fracking water before returning it to the natural source from which it came.

Collectively, the 12 signatories represent 155 years of higher education and professional experience.

Dr. Ray Beiersdorfer, PhD, professor in the Department of Geological & Environmental Sciences at Youngstown State University and 11 others.

Dr. Isam Amin, PhD, Hydrogeology; Dr. James Andrews, PhD, Physics; Dr. Felicia Armstrong, PhD, Environmental Science; Dr. Tom Diggins, PhD, Aquatic Ecology; Dr. John Jackson, PhD, Chemistry; Dr. Carl Johnston, PhD, Biology; Patricia Johnston, MSc Env. Sci, PhD Candidate Ecology; Dr. Sherri Lovelace-Cameron, PhD, Chemistry; Dr. Howard Mettee. PhD, Chemistry; Dr. Peter Norris, PhD, Chemistry; Tim Styranec, MSc, Chemistry.

Passion for politics, fear of Obama

I have followed the politi- cal scene for a long time. I am what you might call a news/political junkie. I know a lot about the candidates, both Democrat and Republican, both in the White House and Congress. I have been both angry and frustrated. Many times I have wanted to smash the television, radio and move to another country. Some folks might think I’m silly or maybe just crazy to allow it to get to me that much. However, I love my country that much and God more.

You see, I don’t understand why anyone would choose to vote for someone who condones abortion, gay marriage, dishonesty, disregarding our Constitution, going against what the people of our country want, putting us in such dire straits that we may never recover, disrespecting our wonderful military, etc. The list goes on and on. Make no mistake about who is responsible. Barack Obama. The buck truly does stop at his desk.

I am a conservative and a Republican. I fully admit that our party has not always fought for righteousness. We the voters didn’t always watch what they were doing. We are all to blame for the condition our country is in. I hope it isn’t too late.

I have only two questions for you who will still vote for Mr. Obama on election day. Considering the condition our wonderful country is in and all the lost homes, people out of work, people on welfare, food stamps, etc., why? Do you like living in poverty?

Please think long and hard before you make your decision on Election Day. Our children’s and grandchildren’s future depends on it.

Margaret Henning, Youngstown

Stopping unfair trade is key

President Obama’s announce- ment that his administration is filing a new case with the World Trade Organization, challenging China’s illegal trade and subsidies of autos and auto parts, shows what is at stake for Ohio in this election. President Obama knows what is important for the future of American workers and his leadership is making a difference.

American manufacturers are coming back. They’ve created half a million new jobs over the past two and a half years — 10 percent of them here in Ohio. The auto industry leads the way with cars proudly stamped “Made in America.” The president has set a concrete goal of creating 1 million new manufacturing jobs by the end of 2016, and he’s outlined a clear plan to achieve it. He’ll end tax deductions for companies shipping jobs overseas, and use the savings to create a new tax credit for companies bringing jobs home.

Romney would do the opposite. Right when American manufacturers are starting to bring jobs back to our shores, he would eliminate taxes on foreign profits. That would encourage companies to create jobs in other countries instead of here at home. Romney’s plan would create 800,000 jobs in other countries, including China. Romney’s plan is a throwback to the same top-down policies that sent jobs to China and helped make Romney a multimillionaire in the first place — and we can’t afford to go back to it. Romney’s economic philosophy is simple, and won’t change – profits over people, even if that means Americans lose their jobs.

Ann E. Kurz, Canfield