Marriage licenses

Stephen A. Cannon, 26, of 12 Southwoods Ave., Unit 10, Boardman, and Elizabeth N. Keffler, 23, of same.

Jermaine M. Hodges, 31, of 1060 Patricia Ave., Girard, and LaToya L. Richardson, 29, of 202 Gluck St., Youngstown.

James R. Crans, 29, of 1011 Delaware Ave., Unit 2R, New Castle, Pa., and Amanda K. Babel, 27, of same.

Nathaniel J. Ford, 30, of 4349 Glenview Road, Warrensville Heights, and Kelly R. Tucker, 36, of 332 Lansdowne Blvd., Youngstown.

Divorces asked

Russell B. Gaines, of 21160 North Benton Road W, North Benton, v. Diane D. Gaines, of same.

Barbara Gentile, 551 Blossom Ave., Campbell, v. Nicholas A. Gentile, 145 Sixteenth St., Campbell.

Raul Concepcion, 1614 Himrod Ave., Youngstown, v. Linda Rios, 35 E. Sixth St., Dunkirk, N.Y.

Ronelle T. Dorff, 463 W. Como St., Struthers, v. Jeremiah Dorff, 99 E. Glenolden Ave., Glenolden, Pa.

Patricia Fisher, 17563 Laurel Ave., Lake Milton, v. Paul Fisher, 138 Shady Lane Circle, Warren.

Ronald E. Clay, 546 Dakota, Niles, v. Wanda L. Clay, 6665 Summit Drive, Canfield.

Jennifer Pasvanis, 4025 Traymore Drive, Youngstown, v. Chris Pasvanis, 4076 Baymar Drive, Apt. 2, Youngstown.

Robert Mesol, 4151 Logangate Road, Apt. 146, Youngstown, v. Phyllis A. Mesol, c/o Smoker Friendly, 3814 Belmont Ave., Youngstown.

Dissolutions asked

Stephanie Mikouis-Kruse, 10260 Midway Drive, New Middletown, and Andrew C. Kruse, 7410 West Blvd., Boardman.

Jason M. Belanger, P.O. Box 141, Struthers, and Rachelle M. Belandger, 3927 Fourth St., Struthers.

Suzanne M. Greenaway, 1654 Meadowbrook Ave., Boardman, and Robert C. Greenaway, 929 Fifth St., Struthers.


State v. Kevin Jusino, pleads guilty.

State v. Raymond J. Tamburro, sentenced to report to community control through APA and to pay restitution.

State v. Harold W. Charron, pleads guilty.

State v. Brian M. Rushton, sentenced.

State v. Marcus Menton, sentenced to two years in prison.

State v. Michael R. Stanley, pleads guilty.

State v. Gary D. Main Jr., sentenced to six months in prison.

Blue Diamond Properties LLC v. Douglas H. Musser, decision of magistrate.

CitiMortgage Inc. v. Edward Madeline et al, confirmation of sale, ordering deed and distributing sale.

Huntington National Bank v. Colleen Holmes et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.

Capital One Bank v. Michelle L. Frangos, order of payment.

PHH Mortgage Corporation v. Fatime D. Dowdell et al, order of magistrate.

Maureen A. Starner v. Walgreen Co., order of magistrate.

Occupy Youngstown et al v. City of Youngstown et al, order of magistrate.

Home Savings and Loan Company of Youngstown v. Arnold D. Zetts et al, order of magistrate.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company v. Conja Pearce et al, foreclosure.

OneWest Bank FSB v. Patricia J. Simpson et al, foreclosure.

Gary Wright v. Homan Transportation Inc. et al, Homan Transportation Inc. only, dismissed.

Safe 2010 LLC v. Willie R. Foose et al, foreclosure.

Bruce Paulette v. Byce Auctions et al, decision of magistrate.

PNC Bank NA v. Thomas J. Travers Jr., order of magistrate.

Ally Financial Inc. v. Charles M. Bechara, order of magistrate.

Daniel R. Yemma v. John M. Salvatori et al, dismissed.

Iris N. Diaz v. Fred I. Hardy, order of magistrate.

Real estate

Martha J. Salvatore to Linda K. Bell, Devitt Ave., Campbell, $63,000.

James M. Miller et al to Tag Resources Inc., Highlawn Ave., Youngstown, $21,560.

Donald C. Craig et al to Steven A. Dailey, Oregon Trail, Youngstown, $52,000.

Savvi F. Pezzvolo to Christine Petridis, Tippecanoe Road, Canfield, $105,000.

Todd A. Starr et al to Chakri Yarlagadda, Montereale Drive, Canfield, $640,500.

Gail M. Borwn to Christopher K. Tronovich et al, Redgate Lane, Austntown, $51,500.

John E. Kokoski to Peter D. Ceci et al, Loretta Drive, Youngstown, $59,200.

Vaughn J. Gobez et al to Exodus Development LLC to 601 Andrews Ave., Youngstown, $43,000.

Fannie Mae to Jason A. Heiss et al, Basil Ave., Youngstown, $21,000.

Robert D. Dull et al to 9124 South Ave. LLC, 9124 South Ave., Poland, $350,000.

Patrick T. Smrek et al to Brian M. Vail et al, Edgewater Drive, Youngstown, $210,000.

Thomas J. Miller to James M. Miller, Elizabeth Lane, Campbell, $65,000.

Michael G. Pallotta to Hailey & Co. LLC, Western Reserve Road, Boardman, $570,000.

First Place Bank to Cannio Holdings LP, Lakeview Ave., Youngstown, $13,000.

Gary Snyder Jr. to Malvin O. Detweiler, Calla Road, Poland, $141,500.

John D. Emrich et al to Jeffrey P. Clomer II, Meadow Lane, Youngstown, $117,500.

Barbara Givens to Michael Santangelo, Palo Verde Drive, Poland, $45,000.

William McCarthy et al to Robert S. Stefko et al, Riverside Court, Poland, $240,000.

Bradley W. Schultz et al to Kenneth S. Lupton, Center Road, Lowellville, $68,000.

Ann M. Scheetz to Katrina N. Carleton, Jaguar Place, Boardman, $130,000.

Gordon W. Cleal et al to Loyd F. Childers Jr. et al, Akron-Canfield Road, North Jackson, $189,000.

Donna M. Stevens et al to Shannon L. Agee, Waggaman Circle, Youngstown, $13,800.

Robert E. Donaldson to Ryan R. Donaldson et al, Raccoon Road, Canfield, $127,000.

Fannie Mae to Darrell Parry, Manhattan Ave., Youngstown, $7,750.

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