Both vulnerable. East deals.


xJ 10 5


vK 6 5 2

wJ 9 7 6 5


x6 3 xA 8

uJ 9 7 2 uA Q 10 6

v10 9 8 7 3 vA Q

wK Q w10 8 4 3 2


xK Q 9 7 4 2

uK 8 5 3

vJ 4


The bidding:


1NT 2x Dbl* Pass

3u Pass Pass 3x

Dbl Pass Pass Pass


Opening lead: Three of x

New Yorkers Alan Osofsky and Alan Sontag were in contention for the von Zedtwitz Life Master Pairs when this deal came along in the final session of this event at the recent ACBL Summer Nationals Championships in Philadelphia.

With just one high card, that rated to be badly placed, North might have been wiser to pass. His indiscretion cost his side dearly. West led a trump to East’s ace and East’s trump return was won in dummy. On the heart return from the table East shot up with the ace and returned a club.

Declarer took the ace, cashed the king of hearts and ruffed a heart in dummy with the remaining trump as Sontag unblocked the ten, then returned to hand with a club ruff. Declarer ran the trumps as East parted with the queen of hearts and a couple of clubs. When declarer now exited with a heart, East won and led a diamond through dummy’s king. The defenders collected two hearts, two diamonds and a spade for the magic 200 points, worth another 49.5 of a possible 51 matchpoints and the title!

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