Police: Hubbard man ran over Pa. man with car

By danny restivo



One man was charged with felonious assault after he purportedly ran over another man with a car this weekend.

Police said Francis M. Fasline, 21, of Wrenfield Drive, drove over a Pennsylvania man along Maple Grove Lane near Michael’s Place Tavern around 12:30 a.m. Saturday.

Police said the victim was still in the hospital Monday and in serious condition.

Shane A. Pagnatta, 23, of Garden Avenue, was charged with obstructing justice.

Police said Pagnatta was the passenger in the car during the incident.

Police said Fasline and the victim had an argument at another bar before the victim left.

Fasline followed the victim to Michael’s Tavern where Fasline was asked to leave the bar, said officers.

According to police, Fasline and Pagnatta waited outside in a car until the victim and his wife were getting into their car to leave.

Police said Fasline then drove his car into the victim while he was trying to get inside his car.

Officers said Pagnatta and Fasline fled the scene before Fasline was arrested around 4:30 a.m. Saturday.

Fasline was arraigned in February 2011 on possession of dangerous ordinance after he reportedly threw an explosive at a YSU fraternity house near Wick Avenue. That case is still pending.

Fasline was also arrested in December 2010 and charged with aggravated menacing and disorderly conduct, after police said he used a large knife or axe to smash through the dividing wall between apartments and threw a large glass ashtray at his 47-year-old neighbor.

Reports also state that Fasline reportedly urinated on the wall and through the open hole, spraying his neighbor.

Follwing Saturday’s incident, Fasline was released on $750 bail.

His arraignment is scheduled for Oct. 9.

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