Obama, Clinton to blame in Libya

Obama, Clinton to blame in Libya

What a tragedy, that four Americans, including our Ambassador Chris Stevens, were killed at the U.S. Libyan embassy by a planned terrorist attack.

All the missed or ignored violent reports, and conditions in Libya and Benghazi by our president and secretary of State led up to that tragedy. This, at the very least, calls for President Obama to request Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s immediate resignation. If the president will not act, the Congress must remove her from office.

As head of the State Department, one of the secretary of state’s most important jobs is the protection of our embassy personnel. As shown in the case of the deaths of our people in Libya, Secretary Clinton failed miserably through incompetence, and dereliction of duty. Her mouthing pious words of sorrow, and “this violence must stop,” just does not cut it. It is obvious that she is not capable to handle this important part of her job.

There are still many unanswered questions. Why were our people ordered into harms way? Does the president not read his security reports? Was this a test to see if the newly elected Libyan government was committed to protecting our embassy property? If so, it ended badly.

The blame is very narrow. It points right to Secretary Clinton, and President Obama. At the very least, Secretary Clinton must go.

Tom Page, Boardman