Don’t blame all Libyans

Don’t blame all Libyans

Tiffin Advertiser-Tribune: It sometimes is difficult for us Americans to recognize that it takes just a few rotten apples to make the entire barrel seem unsavory. Such may be the case in Libya.

There, four U.S. diplomats were killed when a mob stormed the American Embassy in Benghazi last week. Among them was Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Accounts of the attack, backed by videotapes, are coming to light. They indicate many Libyans did not support the rioters. Some tried to aid the Americans.

One videotape shows a group of Libyans who entered the embassy compound after the attack. They found Stevens and attempted to save his life. “God is great,” shouted some in the crowd when one man said he detected a pulse in Stevens. Sadly, though the Libyans rushed Stevens to a hospital, it was too late.

If indeed the vast majority of Libyans oppose the extremism that characterizes Islamic terrorists, the U.S. should provide financial and material aid to the government. Clearly, Americans have some friends in Libya. For our own good, it would be worthwhile to help them battle the terrorists.

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