The great unknowns in Ohio

The great unknowns in Ohio

Canton Repository: When it comes to the state government in Columbus and big issues involving Ohio’s public schools, there are more big unknowns than knowns at the moment.

One consolation: The decision on the fate of the Ohio Graduation Test went just the way we hoped it would. The test will be dumped in favor of using a college entrance exam, along with exit exams in several subjects.


Unknown: Whether the Legislature will adopt letter grades for schools on their state report cards. The lame-duck session of the General Assembly is expected to take up a House bill that would substitute grades A to F for the labels such as “excellent” and “continuous improvement” to which Ohioans have become accustomed....

Unknown: Who the next superintendent of public instruction will be. Superintendent Stan Heffner resigned in August after a state inspector general’s report said he should not have testified in favor of legislation that could have helped a company for which he planned to work.

Unknown: Where the attendance-rigging scandal ultimately leads. State Auditor Dave Yost has found instances of data manipulation in four districts....

Unknown: How Kasich wants to fund schools. He is expected to include his recommendation for a new funding formula with his 2013-2014 budget plan, due in February. The administration isn’t saying anything about anything concerning an alternative to the current formula. But you can bet that it will challenge — or force — school districts to find new ways to collaborate.

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