Ohio GOP senator wants tax reform for 'fiscal cliff'

CINCINNATI (AP) — Ohio’s Republican senator sees tax reforms, not letting taxes go up, as the way to ease the nation’s fiscal crunch.

Rob Portman said today he thinks higher tax rates now for any group would be a mistake. But he says tax changes could be part of a plan that adds revenue while reducing federal spending.

“I don’t believe that it’s smart to raise taxes right now, particularly the way the president wants to do it, which is on top of a terribly inefficient and antiquated tax code,” Portman said.

Congress and President Barack Obama’s administration are trying to avoid a year-end “fiscal cliff” that would see tax cuts expire while spending cuts kick in. Some GOP colleagues have suggested recently they would back off anti-tax pledges that they, like Portman and many others, have made.

Portman said the immediate focus is on heading off the impending jump in taxes.

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