Envy isn’t really the issue

Envy isn’t really the issue

The letter in last Tuesday’s paper titled “Obama played class envy card” is a slap in the face for anyone who has any intelligence.

It would have been nice if the writer could have given the president enough respect to address him as President Obama. Perhaps she is among the 1 percent of the wealthy. She referred to how hard “their” forefathers worked to become rich. Many of the wealthy became rich by the blood and sweat of many slaves that were brought here by force, worked and died. We who are their descendants are still working hard, but only very few have the privilege to become the 1 percent that become rich and famous. No one envies the rich for what they have; we only want them to pay their fair share.

The president is blamed for everything negative that happens in this country, but if he doesn’t have the cooperation of Congress he is hitting a brick wall. The Republicans and some Democrats want to see him fail regardless of what it does to this country. Is it egotistic or racist? This president has had less cooperation than any president in our history.

Regardless to how the writer feels, I am very proud of our president. He stands proud under much pressure and adversities. He also has been disrespected more than any president, only because he is black. It is time all races need to come together as a democratic country.

I am praying for all who hate President Obama. I am sure God is on his side and on the side of the poor and downtrodden.

Olla L. Tate, Youngstown