Both vulnerable. North deals.


x9 7


vA K 9 8 6 5 2

wA K 2


x10 8 4 3 xK J 6 5

u9 7 5 3 2 uQ J 10

vQ 10 vJ 7 4

wJ 7 w10 8 3


xA Q 2

uA K 6 4


wQ 9 6 5 4

The bidding:


1v Pass 2w Pass

3v Pass 3u Pass

4w Pass 4u* Pass

5v** Pass 7w Pass

Pass Pass

*Asking bid

**Heart control and three or five “aces.”

Opening lead: Three of u

This deal is from a European Junior Team Championship. How would you play if West leads a heart?

You can handle a 4-1 diamond break or perhaps a singleton club honor with West, but not both. Win the heart in hand and lead a diamond toward dummy. Win with the king and return a low diamond. If East discards, ruff low, cross to dummy with a trump and play another diamond, ruffing in hand.

Cash the queen of trumps and cross to dummy with a trump and hope West has only two trumps.

If, instead, East follows to the second diamond ruff with the nine of clubs and if West shows out but cannot overruff, cash the queen of clubs, cross to dummy with a trump and hope West started with only two trumps.

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