Where’s help when we need it?

Where’s help when we need it?

Disaster strikes outside the United States and usually before the dust/fire/water settles we have dispatched physical or monetary aid to the victims in foreign countries.

Lo and behold, Sandy happens and these people, whom we aided in their time of need, have yet to even send a sympathy card, let alone more costly aid. If they did, they would probably send a bill along with it.

The only people who rushed to the scene were the news media who replaced the election madness with Sandy’s handiwork. It is time for the president and Congress to wake up and smell the roses. This is a perfect example of what an ungrateful child the Second and Third World have become with their hand permanently out for our foreign aid.

We can’t sustain our great country by constantly borrowing money and granting assistance outside the USA. Let them borrow direct from China when they need it, most of which only greases the pockets of their leadership and their buddies — not the population that needs it.

We, the citizens in the generations following our founding, have put our sweat equity into growing our country into what it is today, an example for others to follow and not to feed off. We can’t afford to be the parent of the world. Their labor, which costs usually hundreds of times less then ours, is taking American jobs.

A first step to rebuilding our country is to stop all foreign aid and military policing of the world. They don’t appreciate or build on it (note the Middle East). Let the private sector provide the aid; that is Christian and satisfying. Forgive the Christian reference, but our country was founded on Judeo-Christian morals.

Sandy only provided an opportunity for the president to be a three-hour hero with a photo op for buying votes at the expense of the victims (taxpayers).

Daniel Victor Bienko, Canfield