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God sends a message to the GOP

Published: Sun, November 18, 2012 @ 12:00 a.m.

By Bertram de Souza (Contact)

The banner was on display election night in all its heavenly glory at the Mahoning County Republican Party headquarters in Boardman:

“IVoteGod.com” it read.

There was no mistaking the message Republicans in the area and around the country were sending for the presidential election: God is on our side.

The implication of that God-centric campaign was just as clear: Democrats don’t have the Almighty with them — and, thus, are doomed to go down in flames.

But a funny thing (theologically speaking) happened on the way to the Nov. 6 final count in the national election. The Grand Old Party’s religious arrogance led to its downfall.

President Barack Obama, who has been treated in a very un-Christian-like manner by so-called good Christians, won re-election handily. It could be said that Obama benefitted from divine intervention.

Another banner

There was another banner on display in the Mahoning County Republican Party headquarters that also highlighted the GOP’s strategy in the presidential election. “Romney/Ryan Believe in America and your God-given rights,” it said, referring to the party’s presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, and his vice presidential running mate, Paul Ryan.

To understand just how far Obama’s opponents were willing to go to portray him as ungodly, consider the warning from Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, on the Sunday before the election:

“I want you to hear me tonight, I am not saying that President Obama is the Antichrist, I am not saying that at all. One reason I know he’s not the Antichrist is the Antichrist is going to have much higher poll numbers when he comes. President Obama is not the Antichrist. But what I am saying is this: the course he is choosing to lead our nation is paving the way for the future reign of the Antichrist.”

Jeffress’ comments were in an article by Michael Gryboski in Christianpost.com.

Gryboski wrote that the pastor of the Texas megachurch told his congregation that “it is time for Christians to stand up and push back against this evil that is overtaking our nation.” He said they should do so “via the ballot box.”

But Jeffress was just one of a long line of “holy men” (the quotations around the two words are meant to convey sarcasm) who went through unholy extremes to try to defeat the president.

Consider the position taken by the hierarchy of the American Catholic Church — those mostly grey-haired, white men who for a long time turned a blind eye to pedophile priests, but made the defeat of President Obama a religious imperative.

Of course, the bishops were careful not to endorse in the presidential election — the church’s tax-exempt status trumps all — but the pastoral letter they published left little doubt as to what they expected the faithful — albeit dwindling in numbers — to do on Nov. 6.

The letter that was written by Bishop George V. Murry of the Youngstown Diocese bore the hifalutin title, “A Call to Faithful Citizenship.”

“It is not the role of the bishops to tell Catholics for whom to vote,” the letter stated. “That would be a violation of an individual’s conscience. It is, however, the responsibility of the bishops to articulate the moral issues in any election and to share with you our Catholic Tradition regarding conscience formation to help you discern how you will engage in political life. In this column, I want to lead you through the basic tenets of Faithful Citizenship in order to help you form your conscience.”


Given the Catholic Church’s battle with the Obama administration over the issue of contraception, and its unequivocal stance on the issue of abortion, is there any doubt what the bishops were suggesting?

So, after the Republican Party’s fire-and-brimstone campaign, aided by members of the clergy, did Obama and the Democrats suffer the wrath of God? Of course not.

It wasn’t just the president who came through with flying colors. The GOP’s effort to take over the U.S. Senate failed, and Democrats even made some gains in the Republican-controlled House.

The message to the GOP is easily discernible: Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.”


1block50(128 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Amen, Brother! You speak truth to power.

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2paulparks(235 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

It is a basic Christian belief that God permits evil, so as to bring about a greater good.

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3Letstryagain(218 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago


I am going to assume you are writing with a purpose in mind, I just don't know what purpose.

Pastor Jefress does not speak for all God fearing people. Bishop Murray did not tell anyone how to vote in his letter, no matter how much you would like to believe that falsehood. Based ob pure intellect however, Bishop Murray does have more authority to tell someone how to vote than an op-ed writer for the New York Times, or one of its "lesser competitors" (Words in quotations intended to note sarcasm.)

Since your reference is to Christian leaders, you might want to study up a little. Christians do not support that God is on anyones side, instead he is on everyone's side, even the sinners.

What I find truly unbelievable, is your belief that an Obama victory means they are looked upon favorably in the eyes of God because they did not receive his wrath. To imply that the President benefited from Divine Intervention because in your opinion Christians treated him in an unchristian like manner is ignorant.

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4chuck_carney(499 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

As a state legislator, Obama voted for a bill which made it difficult to save a baby who was alive after a botched abortion.

Our President thought it was morally right to watch a defenseless baby scream and cry as he/she was gasping for air and was left to die.

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5NoBS(2824 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Melodrama much, Chuck? Better make sure your communal w(h)ine doesn't turn to Kool-Aid.

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6GoPens(397 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

The government needs to start taxing the hell out of these "churches" who espouse their political views from the pulpit or their newsletters.

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7DSquared(1788 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Al-Queda is alive and babies are dead. Thank you ODumbo.

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8redeye1(5662 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Hey BERT, GOD didnt only send a message to the GOP, but to the whole nation. If you don't want to live with me in your lives , then maybe you should try ALLAH and your muslim leader . Let s see what that gets you. After all we have taken GOD out of schools and everything else that this nation grew up on. All I can say to all you LOTS OF Luck with Allah I'm sticking with a proven leader GOD.

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9IslandMike(764 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

The Neo-Cons speak of 'job creators' as if they're God. We saw what the employees of Hostess thought of these job creators this week when they decided a job that doesn't pay a living wage isn't worth having. They want to give tax cuts to multi-millionaires and billionaires so they can create $10 to $12 an hour jobs with no overtime and no benefits and the rest of us are supposed to bow to them. If you make $12 an hour for 40 hours a week and take NO VACATION (because you have NO BENEFITS) you will make $24,960 a year before taxes. That's if you're fortunate enough not to miss any days due to illness, bereavement etc.. Now can you righties explain to me how you can raise a family on that kind of money? Rent or mortgage, car payment, auto insurance, health insurance, gas, food, clothing, medicine, utility bills, home and auto maintenance.... The employees at Hostess were correct for telling them to shove their company up their ___. I'm sure the executives will leave with seven figure severance packages. Funny thing is that the folks at FIXED NOISE NETWORK feel they're all entitled to it.

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10redeye1(5662 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

IslandMike You are so full of BS that your eyes are brown, If you had read the news you would have seen that the teamsters told the other union to look at the finanical records of the company. But they didn't and now these people who would have been making to $10 to $12, hr are making NOTHING! So how do you raise a family on tthat ? Oh wait , they could do things like you, and live off the Gov't. I.M. the economy is in the tank and companies aren't as profitable as they once were. Just look at what is happening to the stock market. One other thing the employees didn't tell the company to shove theior jobs , the union did ! they wouldn't even bring it to a vote for their membership. WHY? So that they can look like martyrs to people like you.

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11AnotherAverageCitizen(1194 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago


Are you speaking of our current Gov. He put lehman Bros in financial distress and walked away with huge money. Now he says our well educated teachers make too much money.
I noticed an error in my post’s title.? Actually, I was too generous to Kasich.? He actually made over $500k, mostly in bonuses, the same year Lehamn Bros. went into bankruptcy, not the year before.

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12jeepers(127 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

The terms "religion" and "Christian" mean very different things to very different people. Most wars have been fought/started around a religious difference. I recall seeing videos of Obamas minister preaching hatred to the white race-so don't just pick and choose your examples without acknowledging the exact same type of speech on BOTH SIDES. Strange as the campaign heated up, Obama's minister was no where to be seen /heard. He was financially enticed to keep a low profile so as not to harm Obama's campaign. Religion is very much like politics in that each faction believes as they do and the 'other' party or church will never see the point of view they oppose. So once again your article expresses just one side-and in this valley, you all think alike, and vote alike. And the vindy is 'your' paper-kind of like a church bulletin. You all agree on all issues. Just attack any opposing view/belief, crush it joke about it, pat each other on the back to convince yourselves your way is the right way vote. I must commend you on this election-you didn't elect the Hanni family. Remember them? They stood for truth justice and the American way for most of my life, according to what was written in the vindy. Soon the blame game wiil start as the failed policies become easier to see and feel. If your policies are the correct ones, we will all go back to work soon and make a living wage and you willl have the support of most everyone, not just your party.

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13chuck_carney(499 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Dear No BS, The only whine I am concerned with is that of the dying baby. Maybe you should quit drinking your own Kool-aid spiked with ignorance.

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14andersonathan(687 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

I just look at it like this. If you ask forgiveness for your sins and accept Jesus into your heart and confess Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior. Then in all practical purposes you can call yourself a Christian.

And a Christian that can vote with a party that supports abortion has missed some fundamental training along the way. Of course Christians are being mislead by spiritual leaders all the time. And the Most recent movement is Chrislam.

So lets say your a Christian that supports abortion. Then you should have no problem pushing the button and wiping out NYC and Chicago since the population of those to cities would almost equal the number of "Legal Abortions" Of course you would cry out 30-40 million murders by killing off those cities and a true Christian cry's out 30-40 million murders concerning abortion. And the amount of Incest and rape is less than 2% and a Mothers Life in danger varies due to some doctors views.

You may change other peoples mind but I think i will stick to my morals on abortion.

And when everyone comes unglued and before judgments start flying around. Let us put this issue on a ballot not a poll, a ballot. At least then some people could shut up about it then. So I am free to vote on it in 2014 are you? And maybe in 2014 we could vote on Obama Care also? Remember elected officials are nothing more than servants to the people. Time to remind them of their civic duty and not their party duty. And i do not want to hear about a unelected supreme court acting as little Gods. They are the selected not elected ones in the country.

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15ytownredux(117 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

So many misled, hypocritical, or just plain ol' wrong, that this might take a bit of typing......... Let's start with good ol' Chuck Carney, who seems to feel the pain of the aborted baby, yet feels no pain for the article last week in the Vindy where in Ireland, where no abortion and catholosism are the law of the land as you wish it to be here, there was a mother who was neither Irish or Catholic that unfortunately had gone into the start of a miscarriage in that city and had to be in agony for 3 days because they would not abort the baby. Of course the baby died, the mother was in extreme pain for 3 days and then the mother died of blood poisening from the baby. Tomato/Tomaaato.

Now for Boatdrunk. If your God wants all to be free and you refer to the philosophy of personal freedom protected by this country's sacred documents, I hope you marched in the Gay Pride Parade this past year, since the the religious types seem to think the opposite of you as far as personal freedom in a mans or womens own bedroom. Hypocrite much??

And finally for Andersonathan, i really dont think i missed any training along the way, and if you think that religion is a "trainable" way of thought, it just goes to show how full of errors it probably is. You know what? I am fine with abortions when necessary, or even early on when not. You see, like most people that oppose abortion for any reason, you are not pro-life, you are pro-birth. There is a huge difference. The same people that expect you to have the baby no matter what, are diametrically opposed to funding for plan parenthood to teach responsibility, or food stamps or medicare to care for the child after it is born. And please dont give the adoption excuse until you can give me the exact number of those that are never adopted for years if ever.

Yes I am okay with aborting 30-40 million unborn babies who have not taken their first breath yet, but I will not take the lives of 30-40 million breathing developed human beings, if you cant see the difference, you shouldn't be arguing either side of the equation. I am of the ilk that believe when a baby takes their first breath, they are a fully formed human. And can we also address the way you cavalierly dismissed the 2% of rapes and incest which totally 60,000 people or more by your estimates. Why are those lives less important than your 30 million? Isnt a life a life, wasnt that what you were trying to originally prove??

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16paulparks(235 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago


"I am of the ilk that believe when a baby takes their first breath, they are a fully formed human."

How does it feel to play God? Who decides who takes that breath? What if a baby is born not breathing like my daughter... should she be revived or allowed to die based upon the whim of my wife and me?

"I am okay with aborting 30-40 million unborn babies who have not taken their first breath yet."

Since quality of life (or your defined degree of "personhood") determines whether a more powerful person has the right to kill a weaker one, how are you to prevent some relative from killing you if you get Altzheimer's?

Your Ireland case... Abortion is allowable in Catholicism to save the life of the mother. In your example, the mother's life must not have been thought to be threatened or she must have chosen heroically to risk her life for her child. If the mother died giving birth, that is God's Will - just like every natural death is God's Will. God is the author of life and death, not people, my friend.

Pro-life and pro-birth (under the parameters described above) are not essentially different terms. Pro-life also includes preserving life until natural death.

As far as your "Gay Pride" comments, fornication is a sin, whether committed by heterosexuals or homosexuals. Celebrating deviant behavior just shows how sick our society has become.

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17NoBS(2824 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Will the anti-choice crowd please tell us how many unwanted, abused, addicted, handicapped and ignored babies and children they, personally, have adopted?

Who are you people to play God yourselves - forcing women and families to have babies that will grow up ignored, abused, starved, addicted, and so on? If the mother is incapable of raising and nurturing her baby, I expect one of you "holier than thou" types to assume responsibility for that baby. Put up or shut up.

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18paulparks(235 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

A civilized society is responsible to care for abandoned children, not individual people. If a woman abandons her child, options must be afforded to care for that child (including adoption)- just as we care for old people who are destitute.

Nobody talks about an individual pro-lifer having the responsibility of "adopting" a poor, alone, Alztheimer's patient - because that is ridiculous.
It's society's job.

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19streetsmartt(127 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

NoBS must stand for "no basic sense." How dare you accuse pro-lifers of "playing God" when you pro-aborts kill innocent life.

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20ytownredux(117 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Unfortunately PaulParks, your rhetoric gets lost in your religiousity. I would never play God, I just told you what I believe. Your argument about reviving a baby being born is not part of the equation. That baby was being born, not a pregnancy being terminated. Big difference. Of course you should do all you can to save a 'wanted' baby being born, at any stage, premie or to term.

You also make a false point bringing up stronger vs weaker, that argument was never argued by me, in fact, it bolsters my argument that an alzheimers patient is breathing and deserves the best quality of life that can be afforded him/her.

As far as Ireland goes, look up the article on Vindy.com, the mother was pleading for her life to mercifully abort the fetus, (again it was being miscarried, not being born.) and to save her life, they didnt and she died to the states religious beliefs, not hers, I do not want that in my country where I am free.

As far as the gay comment goes, i have a great video I would like you to see that debunks most of your bible passages. There are lots of sin by both hetero and homosexuals and only one class of citizen is not permitted to marry. We celebrate being able to love, you punish because it is not your orientation that you love.

And your second rant confirms my statement fully that you are pro BIRTH and not pro Life. Have the kid whether you want to or not, can afford it or not, and we will let society and the community take care of it. You need to pick your conservative value and then help support these kids with an extra tax or something on catholics for the life of that child. If you want the child to have a quality of life, you cannot hope that they will be one of the lucky ones who get adopted. I urge you to get your head out of the bible and work on being a human being in the real world.

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21IslandMike(764 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Obama will only be in the White House for 5 more Thanksgiving Days.

HILLARY 2016!!

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22ulistenup(95 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago


Have comments on this blog descended to... "extra tax or something on catholics for the life of that child"... meaning unwanted children saved from abortion?

How about taxing Jews because of the holocaust?

Please seriously consider making reasonable comments on this editorial.

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23jojuggie(1723 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Hey ytownredux, the following is from a Ytown retired Dr.:

If you happen to believe that stem cells are insignificant single celled creatures like the amoeba, think again; that is unless you happen to consider yourself as being insignificant. When one of your father’s sperm impregnated your mother’s ovum (egg), a soul was added from God above and your humanity began; aside from your size and the number of cells making up your body, your being contained every bit of genetic information that you would be having until the day you die.

The sperm contained 23 of your father’s 46 chromosomes and the ovum 23 of your mother’s 46 chromosomes. If you are a male the Y sex chromosome was contributed and if you are a female dad contributed an X sex chromosome; men being XY and women being XX relative to those particular DNA and gene baring chromosomes. The other 44 chromosomes that make up your humanity (known as autosomes) determined such uniquely “you” characteristics as skin, hair and eye color, height, bone structure, intelligence capacity, vocal characteristics, athletic ability, etc.

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24jojuggie(1723 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Hey Islandmike, did you get a job yet?

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25Letstryagain(218 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

If two people willingly take part in an act that creates a human being, or the potential of a human being, then they have the responsibility to care for the human being. Not to do so should be a crime against society.

Is it really a right in this country to screw without being held accountable?

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26Freeatlast(1991 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

America won , Hate and the GOP / KKK/TEA loss . And that all there is to it . So crawl back under your rock and shut up

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27jojuggie(1723 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Hey free, you are a great debater.

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28IslandMike(764 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Hman, The Kool-Aid your drinking is really having an affect. You repubs STILL don't get it do you? QUIT blaming Obama and the Dems for your FAILURE to win the White House. The Dems have three MAJOR factors woking in their behalf:

1. FIXED NOISE NETWORK - AKA The KKK Channel. If your not wealthy and white, they HATE you.

2. Rush Limpd--k - He set the mold for the FIXED NOISE NETWORK.

3. The Tea Party - These white sheet wearing ignorant right wing idiots are clueless and embarrassing to this country.

Also, you say after Benghazi unfolds... So, here goes the right AGAIN, making accusations with NO EVIDENCE to any wrongdoing.

GOP = The Party of Hate and FEAR. (Their whole platform is TAXCUTS for the wealthy).

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29jojuggie(1723 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

IM, when are you going to get a job?

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30jojuggie(1723 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

We the citizens of the USA have endured an agonizing 4 yrs under Obama. A hi unemployment rate, blaming Bush, wasting tax payers money on green renewable energy schemes, his war on crude oil, coal & gas, & numerous giveaways to the unemployed who lost jobs because of his policies.
Oil, since it was introduced in the late 1800s, created the industrial revolution and raised the Western world to great heights.

I believe that his reign will worsen as the years pass, and we will see a deeper recession than the last one. I cannot see a neighborhood organizer running this great country. We can look forward to 21 TRILLION, of debt, at the end of his tenure.

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31IslandMike(764 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago


What could they have done if they were ready for the call?

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32jeepers(127 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Not a word about the ministers in black churches in Cleveland and other cities. OOPS tha would be racist-SURE they spoke nice of Romney during the fall election cycle. One sided as usual desoozaa

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33IslandMike(764 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago


Don't hold your breath. I know FIXED NOISE NETWORK has all the facts. LMAO!

Why did the repubs try to cover up Petreus' affair?, unless they had fantasies of having him run as their Presidential candidate in 2016. Well, Not anymore!

Everything your talking about just lacks one thing to back it up. EVIDENCE.

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3476Ytown(1364 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Can you say "October Surprise"? Bengazi was a staged attach gone wrong. Seals came to the rescue even though they were told to stand down. If all went according to plan, the ambassador kidnapping / hostage over the stupid video would have resulted in a happy ending and Obama would have taken the credit and insured his re-election.

Look at how many resignations, removals and demotions of high officials in the past month.

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to decieve.
~ Sir Walter Scott

Will someone with integrity please stand up!

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3576Ytown(1364 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Hman: Yes. There is much more to this story. Where are the transcripts regarding this incident. Where exactly was President Obama during those seven hours, 5 PM till midnight in Washington, on Sept. 11? He had no further appointments scheduled. He has released no pictures, provided no specifics. Was he in the situation room throughout? After the 5 PM directive, was he there at all? There are many questions about what orders did or did not issue from the White House, and who gave them, or didn’t, during the Sept. 11 Benghazi attack. But they all lead back to the president. He’s the commander-in-chief, as he reminded the country on Thursday, while campaigning in his Air Force One bomber jacket.

From my Vindy post on 9/16/12:

It's not about this low budget ridiculous spoof. . Have you looked at this clip? Reminds me of movies like Borat or The Dictator. This is a just a smoke screen for the real reasons for the attack.

Now we learn that the attack was in revenge for the killing in a drone strike in Pakistan of Mohammed Hassan Qaeda, an al-Qaeda operative who was from Libya, and timed for the anniversary of the 11 September attacks! Couple this with the chants of the crowds yelling, “Obama, we are all Osama”, adds some credence to the probability that Obama’s parading Osama’s death as his major accomplishment during the Democratic Convention and almost daily in his campaign speeches is a contributing factor to the attacks.

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36cambridge(4135 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

76....seriously, get yourself some help.

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37jojuggie(1723 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

cambridge, when are you going to get a job?

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38jojuggie(1723 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

I came across a new word:


A system of GOVT where the least capable of producing, & when the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods & services paid for by the confiscated wealth & a diminishing number of producers.

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39jojuggie(1723 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

IM, get a job.

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40rocky14(838 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

4200 Americans in Iraq lost their lives in the Big Lie.

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41andersonathan(687 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

guess the 3 am call did not work

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42jojuggie(1723 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Hey cambridge, 76 is fine. You're the guy that needs help. Get a job!

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43jojuggie(1723 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

This excerpt from PRAVDA:

These men, of course, are not an elected panel but made up of appointees picked from the very financial oligarchs and their henchmen who are now gorging themselves on trillions of American dollars, in one bailout after another. They are also usurping the rights, duties, and powers of the American congress (parliament). Again, congress has put up little more than a whimper to their masters.
Then came Barack Obama's command that GM's (General Motors) president step down from leadership of his company. That is correct, dear reader, in the land of "pure" free markets, the American president now has the power, the self-given power, to fire CEOs and we can assume other employees of private companies, at will. Come hither, go dither, the centurion commands his minions.
So it should be no surprise that the American president has followed this up with a "bold" move of declaring that he and another group of unelected, chosen stooges will now redesign the entire automotive industry and will even be the guarantee of automobile policies. I am sure that if given the chance, they would happily try and redesign it for the whole of the world, too. Prime Minister Putin, less then two months ago, warned Obama and UK 's Blair, not to follow the path to Marxism, it only leads to disaster. Apparently, even though we suffered 70 years of this Western sponsored horror show, we know nothing, as foolish, drunken Russians, and so let our "wise" Anglo-Saxon fools find out the folly of their own pride.

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44cambridge(4135 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

hman....As long as you talk about it for the next four years that will be fine with me because that is exactly how the teabaggers got Obama reelected. Thanks for doing your part. :-)

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45Jake(112 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

I saw the headline and figured this article would be stupid. Then I saw it was Bertram de Souza and knew it would be stupid.

The Mahoning Valley has put their trust in democrats for decades while the area swirls down the drain. There's a definition for doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

I'll be retiring early and escaping this doomed, dumbed-down area ASAP.

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46IslandMike(764 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

None of the repubs were in any hurry to get to the bottom of the issue of the two endless and unprovoked wars they got us into.

Only 55 shopping days until Obama's 2nd Inauguration!!

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47DSquared(1788 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

76Y, Save your breath. dem voters could care less about the death of US soldiers. As long as they get their free housing, EBT cards, WIC, Obama phones, no income tax, etc, etc, etc; they will continue to leech off of the rest of America until there is no blood left! Then they will cry and riot ala Greece and France. Goodbye USA, It was fun while it lasted. The parasites have overrun the host.

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48redeye1(5662 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

@IslandMike Obammy and Hiliary both voted on getting into the war. How come you never mention that HUH? Both GOP and D party members voted to go to war so quit blaming BUSH . My guess is that you are one of the many entitled crowd running around Y -Town proclaiming How good Obammy is. Well Just tonite on the news if Obammy and congress doesn't do somthing soon ,come January 1 your tax rate if you work will be going from 15% to 28% of your income. So just get ready, FOOL!

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49IslandMike(764 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

33,000 troops have already returned home and Obama said all combat troops will be out by the end of 2014. You'll get to see him at the Inauguration. I will enjoy knowing that all you Neo-Cons will be enjoying the crew at FIXED NOISE NETWORK cry and whine like littel girls about OBAMA being re-elected!! You know what's going to come out of all the Benghazi investigation? Close your eyes and tell me what you see. The Neo-Cons are playing politics again.

HILLARY 2016!!

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50kurtw(1822 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

B. de Souza's Comments or for that matter Vindy Editorials have to be taken with a huge grain of salt (in fact "Salt Mine" would be more descriptive). Why is that?

The Vindy depends for its livelihood on hawking newspapers (paid subscriptions: which directly determine ad revenue) and you don't do that by insulting the electorate or rubbing them the wrong way by telling the truth. Heaven forbid.

No, you do it by massaging their prejudices- tell them what they want to hear. In the Mahoning Valley- Republicans and Independents are outnumbered at least 3 to 1 by registered Democrats, so Guess What?! The Vindy becomes a Paid Cheering Squad for Democrats and their Positions. It's been that way for as long as I can remember and it isn't about to change. We all like to eat, don't we?

Having said that, even though I disagree with much of what I read, I'm not about to stop my subscription. I have a good time objecting and yesterday's paper makes a terrific fire starter and, if I ever take up fishing, I can use it to wrap dead fish.

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51slappysmith(55 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago

well kurtw the fact the valley's democrats outnumber republicans and independents shows there may be hope for the mahoning valley yet. and no one cares what you agree or disagree with your opinion means about as much as those dead fish you want to use your paper to wrap

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52slappysmith(55 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago

thanks hman, its people like you that will be sure to keep the democrats in control, just as they should be

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53Education_Voter(1173 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago

FYI -- two of the men killed in the Libyan attack were not SEALs. They were retired and had become CIA agents. Yes, the CIA had a mission in Libya shared with Ambassador Stevens. Guess what? Sometimes ALL administrations keep CIA actions secret to protect the mission.

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5476Ytown(1364 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago

I don’t know if Ambassador Stephens was republican or democrat, but I do know that he was an American who called for help. I do know that his call went all the way to the white house. Four Americans died in the attack lasting 7 hours. I do know that President Obama appointed Susan Rice as the spokesperson for the nation to explain what happened in Benghazi to the America People. She reiterated the talking points given to her. What transpired between the call and the talk shows are questions that we Americans are asking. All the other distractions are meant to change our focus from the truth.

Interesting to note the definition of talking points per Wikopedia, especially the last paragraph: typical purpose of a talking point is to propagandize.
A talking point in debate or discourse is a succinct statement designed to persuasively support one side taken on an issue. Such statements can either be free standing or created as retorts to the opposition's talking points and are frequently used in public relations, particularly in areas heavy in debate such as politics and marketing.
A political think tank will strategize the most effective informational attack on a target topic and launch talking points from media personalities to saturate discourse in order to frame a debate in their favor, standardizing the responses of sympathizers to their unique cause
When used politically in this way, the typical purpose of a talking point is to propagandize, specifically using the technique of argumentum ad nauseam, i.e. continuous repetition within media outlets until accepted as fact.

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55jojuggie(1723 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago

Brilliant post, 76Ytown.


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56jojuggie(1723 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago

Lets change the subject gentlemen:

NEUROLOGISTS ARE about to feel the sting of the Affordable Care Act. Beginning Jan. 1, Medicare will be paying them less for electrodiagnostic procedures used in identifying and treating a wide range of nerve and muscle disorders. Reimbursement rates for some tests will be slashed by more than 50 percent, and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services estimates that payments to neurologists overall will shrink by 7 percent next year.

Medicare's cuts will be implemented by changing the way fees for the diagnostic procedures are calculated. Instead of reimbursing neurologists for each nerve analyzed, the new billing codes will henceforth bundle multiple nerve-conduction tests into a single fee. The Obama administration claims that under the current system Medicare has been paying too much for neurologists' overhead costs. But the American Academy of Neurology, in an advisory to its members, warns that the cuts will devastate "neurology practices large and small, many of which rely on these services to meet their bottom line." Patients will be hurt as well: As Medicare squeezes neurologists, seniors' access to neurological care will dwindle.

Might as well get used to this. With a long-term unfunded liability of $38 trillion, Medicare will go broke if it isn't fixed, and compelling providers to accept lower fees is how ObamaCare proposes to fix it. Yet if government technocrats could keep health-care affordable by paying doctors and hospitals predetermined fees for each service they provide, Medicare wouldn't be going broke in the first place. When it turns out once again that Medicare's budget can't be tamed through stringent price controls, regulators will inevitably look for other ways to ration health care.

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57IslandMike(764 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago


I do know that President Bush appointed Condoleezza Rice as the spokesperson for the nation to explain what happened in Iraq to the America People. She reiterated the talking points given to her. What transpired between the call and the talk shows are questions that we Americans are asking. All the other distractions are meant to change our focus from the truth.

4488 U.S.Troops died in Iraq
33184 U.S. Troops were wounded in Iraq
Over 1 Trillion dollars were spent in Iraq
0 Weapons of Mass Destruction were found in Iraq.

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58Ypboy(64 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago

It's real simple. The Dems support abortion via their national platform. Therefore if you vote with the Dems you are responsible for abortions. The other reason Obama won is because of the so many freeloaders and we all knoe Ytown is full of them!!!!! Good Luck meeting God and explaining yourself!!!!

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59AnotherAverageCitizen(1194 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago


The Repubs area against helping people. Therefore if you vote repub you are voting opposite of the bible. Good luck meeting God and explaining yourself.

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60GoPens(397 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago

Jesus seemed pretty liberal to me.

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61Education_Voter(1173 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago

It's retired, not "retired". It's taking your benefits and getting another job using the skills you have. Working for the CIA, working at Lowe's, publishing books that the Navy forbids, creating video games of your missions against Navy rules.
You know, retired.

Meanwhile, though, the Republicans were bound and determined to undermine the mission of the CIA in Libya, as well as investigations in Libya to bring justice to the attackers of the Embassy.

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62Education_Voter(1173 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago

Hman, as far as medical services go, I'm going to reveal some mindbending (to you) truths.

1. Especially for the elderly seeing a doctor does not = a cure. For example, he can diagnose disintegration of your veins, brain function, etc. but can't do a whole lot about it.
2. In many cases, the medical "cure" is what kills you.
3. Nothing prevents a person who wants an ill-advised procedure from paying for it out-of-pocket even if the insurance company refuses.

The insurance company or government doesn't dictate your health future. You apparently just want "the government" to pony up without question for any medical service that enters your disintegrating mind.

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63IslandMike(764 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago

Ah, the GUN CULTURE............................

You righties sure do make us all safer!!

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64jojuggie(1723 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago

Your post was at 12:29 AM, IM. Why can't you sleep?
Your link proves ZILCH. There was a guy in Georgia who killed his wife with a baseball bat. Maybe they should ban baseball bats.

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65IslandMike(764 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago

That's what we need is more guns and more lawyers. Yep, the two things we don't have enough of in this country, shootings and lawsuits.

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66Ceaman(54 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago

What a brilliant idea lets have God rule the Country.

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67andersonathan(687 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago

Over a trillion spent in Iraq? How about over a trillion slated to be spent on the welfare system in one year 2013.

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