Columbiana COUNTY

New complaints

Michael Mick v. Keven Morrison, personal injury.

Angela Knight v. PNP Inc. et al, workers’ compensation.

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust v. Angela Peebles, money.

FMD Legal v. Sharon Struble, money.

Portfolio Recovery Associates v. Camie A. Clayton, money.

Dissolutions Asked

Crystal Bingham, of 301 Ridge St., Leetonia, and Anthony Bingham, of 369 Edgewood Drive, Columbiana.

Amy Tatta, of 753 Columbia St., Leetonia, and John Tatta, of same.

Divorces Asked

Jill Drotleff, of 1675 N. Ellsworth Ave., Salem, v. Walter Drotleff, of same.


FIA Card Services v. Francis Burkhart, judgment for plaintiff.

First National Community Bank v. Amy Keener et al, judgment for plaintiff.

CACH LLC v. Zalauka Rickman, judgment for plaintiff.

Columbiana County School Employees Credit Union v. Scott Kaley, judgment for plaintiff.

Dissolutions granted

Gayle Agnew and John Agnew.

Julie Zaplata and Anton Zaplata.

Willis Hammon and Christina Hammon.

Dale Baker and Jennine Baker.

Divorces granted

Kelly Cochran v. Donald Cochran.

Marcell Williams v. Donald Williams.

Jocelyn Gutierrez-Poma v. Americo Gutierrez-Poma.

Mindy Chamberlain v. Clint Chamberlain.

Angie Barker v. John Barker.

Ursula Dutcher v. Danne Dutcher.

Lance Adrian v. Jessica Adrian.


Marriage licenses

Clarence J. Meadows, 61, of 397 Freeman St., Warren, and Betty J. Warner, 49, of same.

Herbert J. Schweitzer, 67, of 1102 Fairmont Circle, Brookfield, and Nicole M. Edson, 33, of same.

Matthew J. Myers, 32, of 1036 Seibel Drive, Cuyahoga Falls, and Kristin S. Ciminero, 27, of 7155 Oak Hill Drive, West Farmington.

Marc D. Ray, 40, of 208 E. Water St., Hubbard, and Kelly L. Causer, 36, of same.

Robert C. Allen, 43, of 255 Pineview Drive, Warren, and Carla A. Allen, 35, of same.

Thomas D. McCabe, 58, of 1110 Niles Vienna Road SE, Vienna, and Carol A. Tigert, 54, of 170 Royal Mall Drive, Niles.

Thomas F. Soini Jr., 31, of 2118 Niles Cortland Road NE, Cortland, and Desire M. Aulizio, 33, of 59 Hawthorne St., Struthers.

Brandon P. Durig, 26, of 3005 Niles Carver Road, Niles, and Stacey L. Vickers, 25, of 1815 James St., Niles.

James E. Sleyzak, 32, of 1709 Hillcrest Ave., Niles, and Anna M. Hollins, 31, of 318 Sheridan Ave., Niles.

Benjamin H. Mooney, 29, of 188 E. Main St., West Farmington, and Samantha J. Caldwell, 26, of same.

James T. Monroe Jr., 41, of 5074 Grand Blvd., Newton Falls, and Lisa A. Brigham, 43, of 3767 state Route 422, Southington.


Chase Home Finance LLC v. Andrew R. Pavolillo III et al, foreclosure.

HSBC Banks USA NA v. Jake Click Jr. et al, foreclosure.

First Place Bank v. JDH Real Estate Development Inc. et al, foreclosure.

Central Mortgage Company v. Lee R. Tincher et al, foreclosure.

First Place Bank v. JDH Real Estate Development et al, foreclosure.

Fidelity Bank v. Gerald Wilson et al, foreclosure.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. William C. Amistead et al, dismissed.

Michele M. Venneri v. William C. Vanneri, dismissed.

Ann M. O’Malley v. Forum Health et al, dismissed.

Mark Estes v. City of Girard et al, settled.

Lisa Fihn v. Robert G. Bilchak, dismissed.

Agatha Martin Williams Co. LPA v. Linda Merrell, dismissed.

MVB Mortgage Corporation v. David L. Adams et al, dismissed.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA v. Thomas A. Litz et al, dismissed.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Laura McLaughlin et al, dismissed.

Liberty Healthcare Center Inc. v. Bob Kinsley et al, dismissed.

PNC Bank NA v. Jean Mulverhill-Cole et al, dismissed.

Huntington National Bank v. Stephen P. Flannery et al, dismissed.

GE Capital Retail Bank v. Patricia Hanzes, dismissed.

Kevin Glasgow v. Geico General Insurance Co., dismissed.

Leonard J. Nastal v. Matthew M. Miller et al, dismissed.

Huntington National Bank v. William A. Murphy III et al, dismissed.

Dissolutions granted

Gregory Kerr and Valerie L. Kerr.

Cynthia Latiano and Michael Latiano.

Virginia Desany and Matthew Desany.

Brian L. Lutz and Roxanne Lutz-Nori.

Divorces granted

Katie Tolone v. Ryan Tolone.

Frederick J. Knight v. Viola Knight.

Severin Yi v. Laura Yi.

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