St. Elizabeth Health Center

Peaches Brown, Youngstown, girl, Nov. 13.

Heather Johnson and Tyler King, Youngstown, girl, Nov. 15.

Erica Romeo, Youngstown, boy, Nov. 15.

Anthony and Melissa Donnadio, Mineral Ridge, girl, Nov. 15.

ST. Joseph Health Center

Damian and Sheila Carmella, Warren, boy, Nov. 14.

Justina Thompson and Nicholas Fusco, Warren, girl, Nov. 14.

Eric and Ashley Zelaya, Warren, girl, Nov. 14.

Michael and Sarah Zajac, North Bloomfield, girl, Nov. 15.

Daniel and Shauna Stack, Warren, girl, Nov. 15.

William and Cedar Tolley, Mineral Ridge, boy, Nov. 15.

Ryan and Catherine Norris, Cortland, girl, Nov. 16.

Tamara Viney and Stephen Hill, Warren, girl, Nov. 16.

Editor’s Note: ValleyCare Health System of Ohio, which operates Northside Medical Center and Trumbull Memorial Hospital, no longer provides birth announcements for publication in The Vindicator.

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