North students laugh their way to literacy


North Elementary School students cheered, laughed while learning new ways to incorporate reading and writing into their lives outside of the classroom during the J.J. Brothers’ performance Nov. 8.

It was quiet in the gymnasium as Jim Hixson, who makes up one-half of the J.J. Brothers group, encouraged students to read. While he speaks, his brother, Jon, strolls on stage riding a small tricycles in an outlandish outfit and interrupts with a joke, which causes students to burst into a fit of laughter. These comedic antics continued throughout the presentation as the brothers taught students how to use their imaginations and make learning fun.

“We stress using your imaginations. We want the kids to be able to read and create things,” said John.

The brothers, who are published authors have written several children’s books, including “Dog Collars” and “The Adventures of Caterpillar Jones,” covered many topics throughout the event. Several students also got the opportunity to go on stage and test their knowledge of nouns and verbs during a game.

Teachers and staff were also pleased with the event and were happy to see their students enjoying themselves.

“It’s important that they see it outside of the classroom and see it as entertainment. It gets them [students] interested in books and makes it come alive,” said principal Tracy Kaschak.

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