Holy Family students learn the meaning of Veteran’s Day



Students at Holy Family Parish got a first-hand experience of life as a military pilot during a visit from Capt. Brian Hoder of the Vienna Airbase Nov. 8. Hoder used his own experiences to teach students the meaning of Veteran’s Day.

“I wanted to give them [students] an understanding of what Veteran’s Day is. I wanted them to understand that there were a lot of people that went before them that fought and died for their freedoms. I also wanted to offer them any opportunity to ask me any questions about what the military is like,” Hoder said.

Hoder, who became a pilot in 1988 at the age of 20, spoke openly about his experiences in the military with students and provided a behind-the-scene perspective into life in the military.

He discussed flying low in his aircraft through Afghanistan while delivering items for soldiers.

“We fly as low as possible and that’s our biggest defense,” Hoder said.

Students listened intently and were excited to take photos with Hoder. Some even surprised him with a special poster they made.

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