Frank Ohl hat day helps fight cancer


Frank Ohl students banded together to fight against cancer during the school’s Hats On Day Nov. 2. Students and staff donated money and the proceeds collected were donated to Foundation for Children with Cancer (FCC).

“We ask for a donation of 25 cents and in exchange, they’re allowed to wear a hat to school and the money goes to fight childhood cancer. We do have some students in the building with cancer and the purpose of wearing the hats is to make the children who have lost their hair feel more comfortable. I think some students know their friends have cancer and they’re very empathetic toward those students and helpful,” said school secretary Eileen Farkas.

The hallways of the school were covered with a variety of hats each just as unique as each individual student. Some hats were tall and wide, while others were bright with beautiful colors. Classmates laughed and giggled as they compared each other’s creative head pieces with one another and some teachers also joined in on the fun.

Although the day provided students with an opportunity to be silly and humorous, it also allowed them a chance to give back to others in need.

“It was fun and uplifting and the best part is that the kids know why their wearing their hats. I think it’s wonderful that nowadays you can talk about cancer so freely as compared to in the past. I actually think that children aren’t as frightened as they used to be. I think that it’s important for students to understand what other students, parents and neighbors are going through who have the disease. So many people need this help and just a little bit can go such a long way,” Farkas said.

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