Driver says threatened by 3 tail-gaters at Boardman restaurant

Staff report


A man told police three men who tail-gated him then threatened him with a knife ran when they saw he had a handgun in his car.

The victim, a Canfield man, said he was on his way to a restaurant on Tiffany Boulevard at 7:45 p.m. Sunday when he turned onto Boardman-Canfield Road from Tippecanoe Road and noticed the tailgater shining high beams into his car.

He was followed to Boardman-Poland Road, then he turned up Market Street and went the long way to the restaurant, he told police. He drove on McClurg Road to South Avenue then to the restaurant, and the tailgater followed him the whole way.

He said he got into a line of cars at the restaurant’s take-out station, and the tailgater pulled into the parking lot. He told police three large men got out of the car and walked over. He said the leader had an opened pocket knife in his hand.

The victim said he had an unloaded gun in his glove box and he placed it on his lap.

The man with the knife got to the driver’s side window, saw the gun, and the three men ran away as a witness called 911.

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