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US stocks fall in uneven trading; Home Depot soars

Published: 11/14/12 @ 12:00

Associated Press

U.S. stocks closed lower after uneven trading Tuesday as fears about the “fiscal cliff” and Greece tipped major indexes between gains and losses. A surge in Home Depot’s stock prevented a steeper drop for the Dow Jones industrial average.

The Dow closed down 58.90 points, or 0.5 percent, at 12,756.18. It would have been lower without support from Home Depot, whose stock jumped 3.6 percent after the big-box retailer beat expectations for its fiscal third-quarter earnings. Home Depot is benefiting from the gradual housing recovery and rebuilding efforts after superstorm Sandy. Home Depot rose $2.22 to $63.38.

Stocks had opened lower after European leaders postponed the latest aid package for Greece. The Dow turned positive in the first hour of trading and rose solidly through the morning, gaining as much as 83 points. Starting around 2 p.m., the average slid steadily into the red.

Investors are trading against the backdrop of the “fiscal cliff,” a set of U.S. government spending cuts and tax increases that will take effect automatically at the beginning of next year unless U.S. leaders reach a compromise before then.


Posted by VINDYAK (anonymous) on November 15, 2012 at 12:10 a.m.

Major retailers are already sending out signals of their intentions down the chain of command for what will happen to employment in 2013...and its not good. They are looking for ways to overcome tax increases and health costs.

Meanwhile, manufacturing is in the same boat, and we have already heard about Ohio's coal industry reductions and shut-downs. This is just the beginning, folks.