Speed bump legislation introduced

By jeanne starmack



Fasten your seat belts in the Sanderson Avenue school zone, speeders — it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

After an increase in complaints from parents, who have called the schools and the city building, city council has introduced legislation to put speed bumps in the zone.

The speed bumps will be at the end of Sanderson right before the middle school-elementary school building property and parking lot, said city Administrator Jack Dill.

He said speeds get as high as 40 mph.

An ordinance the council drafted that allows the new safety measure was tabled at its meeting last week because it did not have enough council members present to pass it as an emergency. Two councilmen were out of town.

“It’s a serious situation,” said council President George Levendis.

He said the rise in complaints in recent weeks indicates the problem is getting out of hand.

He said drivers can speed through the green light at the intersection of Struthers Liberty Road and keep going, too fast, until they get to the school property.

“Their kids are late, so they speed,” said Robert Walls, elementary school principal.

“I told the mayor and Jack [Dill] and the council president that somewhere along the line someone is going to get hit.”

The city has set up a sign that records drivers’ speeds and shows them how fast they are going on Sanderson near the school campus.

Walls says that does not help much because there are no consequences afterward.

He said police issued tickets in the area last year, but they cannot be there all the time.

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