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Today is Sunday, Nov. 11, the 316th day of 2012. There are 50 days left in the year. This is Veterans Day in the U.S., Remembrance Day in Canada.


On this date in:

1620: Forty-one Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower, anchored off Massachusetts, sign a compact calling for a “body politick.”

1909: President William Howard Taft accepts the recommendation of a joint Army-Navy board that Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian Islands be made the principal U.S. naval station in the Pacific.

1918: Fighting in World War I comes to an end with the signing of an armistice between the Allies and Germany.

1921: The remains of an unidentified American service member are interred in a Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery in a ceremony presided over by President Warren G. Harding.

1987: Following the failure of two Supreme Court nominations, President Ronald Reagan announces his choice of Judge Anthony M. Kennedy, who goes on to win confirmation.

1992: The Church of England votes to ordain women as priests.


1987: The Belmont Avenue Development Association unveils a plan intended to remove blight and improve commercial vitality to the Belmont Avenue corridor.

U.S. Rep. James A. Traficant Jr. says he has an energy plan that would reduce the reliance on foreign oil by developing a new power system for the American automobile that would use grain and coal by-products, which would also help the farming and coal industries.

Youngstown Patrolman Eric Thompson uncovers a major chop shop operation at J&J Auto Sales on Market Street after noticing that the license plate and vin numbers on a car he stopped for a traffic violation did not match.

1972: James Anderson, 32, who pleaded guilty to the single-worst traffic accident in Youngstown history, which killed seven pedestrians on a downtown sidewalk, is released on probation after serving a year in jail.

The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation asks that the 1972 Ohio hunting season be delayed at least two weeks to prevent further damage to an already disastrous grain crop.

1962: The election of Robert Hagan as Trumbull County commissioner gives fellow Democratic Commissioner Joseph Baldine an ally in making sweeping personnel changes Baldine tried to pursue when he was elected in 1960. Commissioners control about 60 jobs that are not subject to civil service control.

Girard Tax Commissioner Thomas Carney reports that his crackdown on hundreds of people not paying the city income tax has produced 100 new accounts and additional annual revenue of $7,378.

1937: Msgr. William A. Kane, pastor of St. Patrick Church and dean of the Mahoning Valley Catholic clergy, dies at 62 after a long illness.

During a special meeting at the board of education, Superintendent Pliny H. Powers tells principals that they must find ways of cutting costs as the Youngstown district faces a cut in income.

A Youngstown area man, R.H. Darrow of Southern Boulevard Ext., owns a blunderbuss dated to 1692 and once owned by Captain Kidd, the famous sea pirate, who was hanged May 24, 1701, in London.

More than 2,000 World War veterans are expected to march through downtown Youngstown with various band units to mark Veterans Day.

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