Elementary schools celebrate Halloween


William Brush, from left, (front) Cayden Mathews, Evan Carpenter; (second row) Paul Gustinelle, Carter Fairbanks, Alexia Ferguson, Jenna Alexander and Wilazia Armstrong were excited as they prepared to joined the rest of their classmates during Woodside Elementary School’s Halloween parade.


Neighbors | Eartha Terrell.Madison Palmer (left), Delaney O’Hara (center) and Lizzie Pfeffer looked stunning in their costumes as they celebrated Halloween with their friends at Lynn Kirk Elementary School Oct. 31.


Lynn Kirk Elementary School students, Nick Hird (left) and Cheyenne Watters, were barely recognizable in their costumes during the school’s annual Halloween parade.


Ivanna Washington took a break from her rock star career to enjoy a cupcake during her room party at Lynn Kirk.


Amari Anderson (left), Nicole Wilson-Kocher (center) and Marley McRae took advantage of the opportunity to be someone else for a day as they celebrated Halloween together at Woodside Elementary School Oct. 31.


Gionna Frankito (left) and Brandon Collins performed their rendition of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” at Woodside Elementary School Oct. 31.


Isabella Donadee looked more like a candy store than a student as she celebrated Halloween with her classmates at Lynn Kirk.



Halloween was a day of excitement for students at Woodside and Lynn Kirk Elementary Schools. Both schools celebrated the holiday with a school-wide parade, followed by individual room parties Oct. 31.

Students weren’t the only ones enthusiastic about dressing up for Halloween at Woodside. Some teachers also joined in on the fun wearing a variety of colorful costumes. Some included Pocahontas, a bumble bee and even a pirate.

“This is a very young staff and they love to dress up just as much as the children. The kids love this and they love to get dressed up. They love to see their moms and dads here and it’s a Woodside tradition,” said Principal Dennis Rice.

Students showed off their costumes for their classmates and parents during the parade and enjoyed games, movies and candy during their room parties. Some parents in attendance were just happy to be part of the celebration and enjoyed seeing their child interact with their friends.

“It’s an amazing feeling when you’re watching the kids with friends because they’re only going to be little for so long. They work really hard all year and I think it’s important that they get to have fun during their room parties,” said PTA First Vice President Angie Melia.

Not far away, Lynn Kirk also relished in its annual Halloween celebration and it was clear that the only rule of the day was to simply have good clean fun. PTA members and staff were thrilled to make the event an exciting experience for students, who were anticipating the parade all day.

“It’s fun. Today is a pure kid’s holiday. They couldn’t wait until this afternoon and it’s always nice when parents want to celebrate, too,” said Lynn Kirk kindergarten teacher Karen Schnurrenberger.

Students flooded the hallways as parents and staff admired their costumes. Principal Anthony Russo was happy to see his students enjoying themselves.

“I just believe it’s important to give them [students] a day where they can have fun. It’s a tradition and they look forward to seeing each other in a more casual atmosphere. It also builds school and community relations. Our PTA members are very important and we couldn’t have such a good school without them,” said Russo.

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