Ceramic painting helps students learn


Dobbins Elementary School students tapped into their artistic side as they used ceramic paint to decorate several ornaments Nov. 1.


Dominic Parker, from left, (front) Ryan Boano, Ethan McKenzie; (second row) Anthony Guzman and Joey Iberis learned several ceramic painting techniques while they decorated Christmas trees.


Neighbors | Eartha Terrell.Dobbins Elementary School student, Wyatt Bobbey, added detail to his Christmas ornament while he learned the art of ceramic painting.


MaKenzie Hegarty had fun while she painted several ornaments with her classmates at Dobbins Elementary School Nov. 1.



Mary Herrick of Splash of Elegance arts and crafts store in Girard made learning come to life for students at Dobbins Elementary School Nov. 1. During her visit, she taught several ceramic painting techniques to students as part of the school’s year-long ceramic painting program.

“They’re doing staining, antiquing and glazing, which are all the forms of ceramics. I like teaching the students because it’s rewarding and I know they love it,” Herrick said.

Students painted a variety of ornaments from Santa Claus sculptures to Christmas trees. Some students were excited to finish their projects so they could give them away as gifts.

“I’m making Indians and Santas. I’m happy that I get to make these because I’m going to surprise my parents with them,” said Ellie Kempers.

Using small paint brushes, students added intricate details to their ornaments and worked diligently to make sure every stroke was perfect. The focus and effort students put into painting not only helped beautify their craft, but also taught them the importance of following directions and the value of never giving up.

“We also correlate ceramics with what we’re learning. We study Native Americans in the fourth grade, so they’re doing a Native American ceramic. They have to follow directions and they have to learn to pull things together. Students have to persevere and finish it. I have high school students come back and tell me that they still have their ceramic. It builds a connection between home and school,” said teacher Elaine Morlan.

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