There’s no stopping us

There’s no stopping us

Tuesday’s Doyle McManus column, “And the winner is: gridlock,” delivers a cogent message. It is, however, not the definitive conclusion as his final remarks make it. To wit: “My reluctant forecast for today’s outcome: (election day that is) a victory for “gridlock”

This gridlock will not encumber the overriding events that are currently taking place in the Mahoning Valley.

There is, at this time, billions of dollars being invested by entrepreneurs, and others wanting to take advantage of the Marcellus and Utica shales. These deposits lie underground from western New York state, through the upper regions of Pennsylvania and down to the Eastern part of Ohio. The outcome of the election cannot stop those enterprising individuals and others from continuing their endeavors to capitalize on the bounty that exits here.

Note that you are not hearing or reading that “they” are looking for tax incentives or other “perks” to invest here. This is going to be an economic boom unseen since the days of steel making in the Mahoning Valley.

When the “2010 Plan” was pronounced, I did not investigate what that plan envisaged. When I finally downloaded the “Plan” from the Internet, it was appalling. The first item in the preamble stated that this is a “smallish” community. That is a term that is an insult to the inhabitants of the Mahoning Valley.

Take meaningful measures to determine what a community really is. Let’s just take a few measures that would be of help in this endeavor. Culturally, ethnically, intellectually, this not a “smallish” community. Further, you can prognosticate on the Mahoning Valley to the wildest of imaginable ideas, and will see them fulfilled beyond what you think possible.

Leonard J. Sainato, Warren