Officials approve lease for building

Published: Thu, November 8, 2012 @ 12:00 a.m.

trumbull county

Staff report


Trumbull County commissioners approved a one-year, $48,626 lease for the building used by the county’s Eastern District Court in Brookfield.

Commissioner Frank Fuda said Wednesday the commissioners are still considering a proposal to merge the Eastern District Court and Central District Court in Cortland into one building to save money.

The commissioners sent a letter to Judge Tom Campbell of Central District Court asking for his opinion of the move, but the judge did not respond.

The former lease, which was for 10 years, expired in October.

Fuda said commissioners hope to meet with Campbell and Robert Platt, who was elected Tuesday to the judgeship of the Eastern District Court, to discuss putting the two courts in the same building in a year. Platt is a Republican.

A year ago, it was Judge Campbell who complained the commissioners were not responding to his letters when he was asking them to approve a court consolidation that would have placed him in charge of both courts in a full-time judgeship.

The judge and other Republicans have charged that the commissioners, who are all Democrats, delayed consolidation to prevent Judge Campbell from becoming the full-time judge.

Because no consolidation occurred, the two judgeships remain part time.

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