Recycle yard signs, Green Team says

Recycle yard signs, Green Team says


Now that the election is over, the Mahoning County Green Team urges political candidates and other local residents to support recycling and litter control and reduce unnecessary landfill use by recycling their standard-sized metal and plastic campaign yard signs.

The signs should be brought to the rear parking area of the county’s South Side Annex, 2801 Market St., and stacked neatly against the fence between now and Nov. 16.

The signs will be transported to a local recycling facility, said Jim Petuch, county recycling director.

Voters speak out about politicians


Some quotes from Trumbull County voters leaving polls at Warren G. Harding High School, Elm Road:

“Politicians are somewhat fancy liars. I choose who appears more sincere.” — Eric VanWinkle, Elm Street.

“I’ve stuck to my guns. They’ve been saying bad things about each other this election, so you have to use your judgment. [Politicians] promise a lot, and once they get into office, they don’t do what they said. We need someone to get this country back in shape.” — Karen Nicolino, Kenilworth Avenue.

“I’m looking for America to go on more of a forward direction. The passion [America] had in 2008 is still there, but it’s important to move forward in what we do. I think the campaigns were something the candidates should not be real proud of. This year, we have a clear left/right choice. People have to get out and vote.” — Michael Starkey, Oak Knoll Avenue.

“Hopefully, it’ll get better than it is. We need more jobs; the economy sucks. This time, hopefully things will get better.” — Cheryl Cole, Sheridan Avenue NE.

“I go off the debates. The media is just a bunch of junk. The debates mean you can use your own brain.” — Nicholas Horning, Kenilworth Avenue, Warren.

Romney wins in school’s mock election


Following the tradition of hosting a mock presidential debate in an election year, Holy Family School had its a mock presidential election Tuesday.

More than 200 students in grades three through eight cast ballots, and Republican candidate Mitt Romney ousted President Barack Obama with 62 percent of the vote compared with the 38 percent that went to the incumbent. The tradition began in 1988.

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