ELECTION UPDATE | US: Romney takes Ind., Obama, Mass., D.C #vindyvote


Mitt Romney has won in Indiana, a state won by President Barack Obama four years ago.

Romney is also the winner in South Carolina, a state where Obama is deeply unpopular. Those states have 20 electoral votes between them.

Obama has won his home state of Illinois, as well as Mitt Romney's home state of Massachusetts and Vice President Joe Biden's home state of Delaware.

There have been no surprises in the returns so far from Eastern and Midwestern states.

Obama wins the 20 electoral votes in Illinois, and the 11 in Massachusetts, along with 10 in Maryland and Delaware's three.

He's also the winner in Connecticut, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia.

And in Maine, which splits its electoral votes, Obama has won at least three of the four votes.

Romney won in Oklahoma, with seven electoral votes.

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