Both vulnerable. West deals.


xQ J 2

u9 3

vA 10 8 3

wA 6 4 2


x10 7 x9 8 6 5 3

uK Q 10 8 6 4 u5

vQ 6 5 vJ 9

wJ 9 wK Q 10 8 7


xA K 4

uA J 7 2

vK 7 4 2

w5 3

The bidding:


2uPass Pass 2NT

Pass 3NT Pass Pass


Opening lead Queen of u

This deal is from a match between Norway and New Zealand at the Women’s Team Olympiad some years ago.

After a weak two-heart opening bid by the New Zealand West, the Norwegians landed in three no trump after a simple auction. West led the queen of hearts, a conventional lead which requested partner to unblock the jack should she hold that card.

Since the club suit presented a greater threat than hearts, declarer grabbed the trick with the ace, cashed the ace and king of diamonds and led a third round, to set up a third trick in the suit, and bringing his available trick total to eight. In with the queen of diamonds, West shifted to the knave of clubs, which was allowed to hold, and continued with the nine to dummy’s ace.

Declarer now played off three rounds of spades and the good diamond, ending on the table, then exited with the nine of hearts, ducked to West. West had no counter.

Since declarer needed only one more trick to fulfill her game, ducking would not help. But winning the heart trick proved no better. With nothing left but hearts, West was forced to present declarer with the fulfilling trick in the jack of hearts at trick thirteen.

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