Thinking of not voting?

Thinking of not voting?

If you are thinking about not voting this year because you are not happy with the choices for president, please read this.

If you are a Democrat, maybe you are not happy with Obama. He has not closed Guantanamo like he promised. He has not completely fixed the economy; it is still struggling. Plus, we are still in Afghanistan. Those are valid complaints.

If you are a Republican, maybe you are not happy with Romney. Did you not like the comment he made that implied that 47 percent of the population are free-loaders? Maybe you do not like him hiding money from taxation by having accounts in the Cayman Islands. Romney had a line on his income tax form that showed he had $77,000 in expenses relating to having horses that compete in the Olympics. How can someone with expenses like that relate to what the middle-class is currently experiencing? OK, these are valid points.

My point is that if you feel unhappy with your choices, you still need to vote, even if it is a vote for the “lesser of the evils.” By not voting you are helping whoever you consider the greater evil get elected. If you do not vote and the person you consider the greater evil gets elected, you have no right to ever complain because you helped him get elected.

Dave Hernstrom, Canfield