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We enter a phenomenal news period the next 24 hours as we decide our next president.

Like our Earth-shaving storms of recent history, each presidential election seems to become a more breathless event.

And now, we are here. The Vindicator launches into an intense coverage cycle that has us as communicative and connected as you'll need.

Whether you are on your smartphone, on your computer, or near a radio Tuesday, The Vindicator will have the best local news report available at your fingers.

And on Wednesday, we will have the most complete print report in the Valley.

At its core are more than 20 journalists covering it all at The Vindy today.


Listen to "Live Vindy Vote 2012."

The Vindy will team up with local radio talk show host Louie Free (WHTX AM-1570) for live election night coverage that will be livestreamed on as well as aired over 1570. The show runs from 7 p.m. until midnight.

Through this live broadcast, stay abreast of all the election news live as it happens from our team of journalists out in the field and in the newsroom monitoring the elections. If it happens Tuesday, it will be on this special webcast.

Live guests will visit the show as well, including many of the folks on the ballot.


Set up your hashtag now for Valley voting.

All Vindy coverage and commentary will play out over #vindyvote. You are encouraged to join in the real-time discussion.

All of this will find a home at this link on Our internet team has bolstered our structure so that whatever format you choose, you can read and listen all night long.


And it all comes together in print on Wednesday. We even have special plans early Wednesday morning when you are asleep to modify our print plans should the vote be too close to call when you go to bed.

Mind you that you'll see Tweets, Facebook pages and TV commercials that will make you think there's a better place for election coverage.

But there's not. There's just The Vindicator. It's all you'll need, and I approved this announcement.

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