Changing politics as we know it

Changing politics as we know it

When are the politicians going to shut up and get back to doing what they are paid to do? It seems like the only business before us is politics. They get elected and the day after they take office, they are running for re-election. We are swamped with political talk, political ads, most of which are dismissive, filled with animosity and part truth and boringly repetitions.

Where are we heading in our country? When are we going to get back on track? When are we going to become one again? It seems like we are only interested in what’s in it for me. Whatever happened to our traditions and goals that at one time made us a respected world leader?

Remember some of our old battle cries such as “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” “In God we trust,” “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” Are they gone and forgotten?

Well at 94 years of age, I may not be around to see how these questions get answered, but I have a suggestion. Let’s change the rules and set the term of the president to one six-year term. Immediately this removes the question of re-election. Upon taking office the new president can stop being a politician and become a statesmen. He can say what he really means and stick to it.

Can you imagine an elected official instead of making an apology saying he really meant what he said? He can proceed to be the leader the country needs without listing to a certain political party, or contributor or group. He would not have to spend months away from his office attending fund raisers and political gatherings. Do we realize the million of dollars that are wasted on these things?

He will have the opportunity to compromise with others to get business accomplished. He can disregard being criticized for everything he does or says. He could even go back to the “fireside chats” and tell the people directly what is going on, what he is trying to do and why he is not able to do it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get back to truth, trust and respect?

Gordon Mitchell, Boardman

Looking for a different answer

After watching, hearing and reading all the negative political ads, it seems that all the candidates are out to send jobs to China or have sent jobs to China, raise taxes and eliminate Medicare.

It seems all the candidates are out to ruin our country. We need a third party

Ronald Hill, Niles

Freedom came at a price

Hopefully as election day draws near Americans will remember the loss of blood and life that others paid for the freedom Americans continue to enjoy.

One of our priceless freedoms is the right to vote and express our choices as to who we believe would be the best person to understand and correct the needs of its people as well as our country problems.

As long as Americans use their freedoms wisely our freedoms will be protected and America’s pride will never die. With God’s help and blessings we will survive. Use your voice. Vote on Nov. 6.

Mary Lou Jurina, Youngstown