HUBBARD township Trustees unsure of rehiring police chief

By danny restivo


Township trustees have not determined whether they will rehire the police chief after he retires at the end of November.

Trustee Joe Gleydura wouldn’t confirm whether Chief Todd D. Coonce will be rehired; however, he said the township has not interviewed any other candidates for the position. Gleydura said the decision to rehire Coonce will “be made in the township’s best interest.”

“We will do what’s best for our finances and safety,” said Gleydura.

Coonce has spent 30 years with the township police department, and has served 17 years as chief. He cites proposed changes in the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System as a reason for his retirement.

The 54-year-old said if he didn’t retire this year, his annual pension would average the five highest paid years, instead of the three highest years.

“I wouldn’t be retiring if it wasn’t for these changes,” he said.

Gleydura said a contract for Coonce’s rehire is not completed, but he said his rehire would be approved only if it resulted in savings for the township.

He said Coonce would no longer receive longevity pay and clothing allowance, which would result in $2,100-a-year savings. He said Coonce also would receive limited overtime if he is rehired. He didn’t confirm what Coonce’s base salary would be if he were rehired, but he said it would be less than his 2011 salary, $56,229.72.

Gleydura said hospitalization premiums for Coonce would remain the same.

According to Ohio Public Employees Retirement 2012 reporting system, Coonce pays 12 percent of his earnings into his pension program, while the township pays an amount equal to 18.1 percent of his earnings.

As a 2012 rehire, Coonce would pay 10 percent of his earnings, while the township would pay an amount equal to 14 percent of his earnings, according to township Fiscal Officer Sue Goterba.

Township Attorney Mark Finamore said the board of trustees is required by Ohio law to have a public hearing before Coonce’s rehiring is approved.

Finamore said he could not release details about a proposed contract, because of attorney client privileges.

He said details about Coonce’s contract should be available at a Nov. 12 public meeting at the Township Administration Building.

“The most likely scenario is that everything will be in place, and there will be a decision at the next meeting,” said Gleydura.

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