Ex-general Clark: Romney isn’t qualified to lead military

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By David Skolnick



Wesley Clark, a retired four-star general and President Barack Obama surrogate, said Mitt Romney has “failed the commander-in-chief test.”

Speaking Friday at Youngstown State University, Clark, a 2004 Democratic presidential candidate, said Romney, the Republican presidential nominee, “has repeatedly attempted to change and reset his pronouncements on foreign policy.”

In response, Christopher Maloney, a Romney campaign spokesman, said, “Mr. Clark’s criticism proves that the president’s allies are not interested in engaging in a meaningful conversation about the Obama administration’s weak foreign policy record during the last week of the campaign.”

A former NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, Clark said that with Romney’s “inexperience, his blustering and the clumsy way he’s maneuvered himself into foreign policy announcement, if he were to become the president, I think we’d be at risk to going back to the same kind of failed policies that we suffered under the administration of George W. Bush or even maybe to the right of” Bush.

Clark said Obama “has been a strong and responsible leader. It’s a complicated and dangerous world out there, and he’s successfully dealing with our enemies. He’s strengthened our alliances, and he’s remained true to the values that make America great.”

Al-Qaida is “weaker” than ever before because of Obama’s aggressive efforts to destroy the militant organization, Clark said.

“But I’m not sure we can trust Mitt Romney” on foreign policy, Clark said.

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