McKinley students catch Halloween spirit


Nate Garthwaite (left) and his mother, Tricia, were excited to celebrate Halloween with their friends and neighbors during McKinley Elementary School’s Halloween parade.


McKinley Elementary School students, Sara Bushaw (left), Cailor Sundstrom, Ally Nittuli, Charisma Ojeda and Madison Genova wore colorful costumes as they walked during the school’s parade Oct. 26.


Neighbors | Eartha Terrell.Ava Izenour portrayed Raggedy Ann during McKinley Elementary School’s Halloween parade Oct. 26.


In a roaring 1920s-inspired costume McKinley Elementary School student, Isabella Stanich, shared the spotlight with her mother, Cathy, while the two celebrated Halloween during the school’s parade Oct. 24.


Stephanie Beaudis’ fifth-grade class showed off their costumes during McKinley Elementary School’s Halloween parade.


McKinley Elementary School students got the opportunity to walk in someone else’s shoes for a day as they participated in the school’s Halloween parade Oct. 26.

Students chose many characters to dress as, such as, Cleopatra, Raggedy Ann and many more. Nate Garthwaite, who chose to be the dog, Jake, from his favorite cartoon series, “Adventure Time,” was full of energy as he joined his friends during the parade.

“I feel good. I’m very happy and I love Halloween because it’s fun and I love all the candy,” he said.

While students showed off their costumes, their parents cheered on the sidelines. Some were just as thrilled as their children to participate and celebrate Halloween.

“It’s fun for parents. It’s just as much fun for us as it is for the kids. I have three children in Poland schools and I’ve done this every year. It’s a beautiful day and I’m glad that I’m one of the parents that can come out. Poland is a close-knit community and we all know each other, so it brings us all out here together,” said Nate’s mother, Tricia.

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