Holy Family students stage mock debate


Neighbors | Eartha Terrell.Alex Wollet asked candidates tough economic questions during his class’ mock election at Holy Family Parish School.


Kirsten Joss (left), Robert Kurta, Patrick Brennan and Christopher Lewis answered questions from a republican viewpoint during Holy Family Parish School’s mock election.


Holy Family Parish School eight-grade student, Jacob Ovaska, kept candidates focused as he portrayed a moderator during the school’s mock election Oct. 23.


Eighth-grade students, Kieran Burk (left), Tessa Snider (center) and Katie Kovalovsky, portrayed reporters and asked questions during Holy Family Parish School’s mock election Oct. 23.



Linda Taylor’s eighth-grade students became politicians for a day during the their Mock Debate presentation. Students researched candidates’ platforms and re-enacted a presidential debate in front of the school in the gymnasium and discussed many topics from foreign policy to economics at Holy Family Parish School Oct. 24.

Each student participated in the debate and represented different roles, including presidential nominees Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney, reporters and even Secret Service agents.

“We’ve been doing this since 1988. It’s hands-on and a better way for students to learn. They’re excited about it. At first, they really weren’t sure about anything, but they grew to understand that there are different categories like foreign policy and education. I think they have a pretty good understanding now. In four years, they’ll be able to vote and this shows them that they’ll really need to research and study candidates and pick someone that they feel will do the job,” Taylor said.

Emilee Mulhall, who represented Obama during the debate, gained a better understanding of politics and was excited to show off all that she’d learned.

“It was hard to get everything organized, but my campaign manager helped me out a lot. I’m nervous, but I know if I stay confident I’ll say what I am supposed to. I understand more about politics and what debates are really about, and next year I’ll know what’s going on,” Mulhall said.

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