Fitch honors area senior citizens at dinner


Austintown Superintendent, Vincent Colaluca (left) and Fitch High School cheerleaders laughed and joked with senior citizens during the school’s spaghetti dinner Oct. 24.


Austintown Board of Education members, Barb Kliner (left), Kathy Mock, David Schnorrenberger, Dave Ritchie and Tom Stellers were happy to honor senior citizens during the spaghetti dinner at Fitch High School.


Neighbors | Eartha Terrell.Fitch High School band kept senior citizens entertained during the school’s spaghetti dinner Oct. 24.


Fitch High School dance line members enjoyed spending quality time with senior citizens during the school’s spaghetti dinner Oct. 24.


Cheerleaders, Cassie Keller (left) and Allison Linton, were full of school spirit while they served Fitch High School alumni spaghetti dinners Oct. 24.


Senior citizens were treated like royalty during Fitch High School’s spaghetti dinner on Oct. 24. Austintown local school administration, faculty and students served senior citizens spaghetti dinners and beverages and were excited to show their appreciation.

“We do it twice a year to bring our senior citizens in our schools, to honor them, to let them see what we’re doing and to let them know what a wonderful district we have. A lot of them are graduates of Fitch. It makes me feel proud to be here and proud to be from Austintown,” said event coordinator Barb Kliner.

The event included games, raffles and prizes for senior citizens, as well as an opportunity to mingle with students. The Fitch High School band also played several musical selections.

The event also provided seniors with a chance to give feedback to the administration. Austintown Superintendent Vincent Colaluca was happy to honor Fitch alumni.

“We’re giving back to them because they’ve given back to us. Many are graduates of Fitch. It’s just a great tradition that lets senior citizens know we appreciate them and lets students get a life experience that they’ll never forget,” Colaluca said.

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