Cincinnati jury acquits wheelchair comic’s promoter of disorderly conduct

Associated Press


A jury on Thursday found a man not guilty of a disorderly conduct charge filed after he asked people in a Cincinnati park if they wanted to laugh at a “crippled girl.”

Forest Thomer of Cold Spring, Ky., called his acquittal in Hamilton County Municipal Court a victory for free speech.

Thomer was cited by Cincinnati police in May at a park after he asked people if they wanted to “laugh at the crippled girl,” referring to his friend and comedian, Ally Bruener.

The question was not intended to demean Bruener, but to promote her next comedy show and her website, the two have said.

The Alexandria, Ky., woman, who is in a wheelchair because of the degenerative muscle disorder, has said she would approach people after Thomer asked them the question, tell a joke and talk about her next performance. Thomer also would record some of the public’s responses for use on Bruener’s website.

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