Both vulnerable. South deals.


x4 3

uA K 2

v5 4

wK Q J 10 9 7


xQ J 10 9 8 x7 2

uJ 8 4 u7 6 5 3

vA 10 8 2 vK J 7

wA w8 6 5 2


xA K 6 5

uQ 10 9

vQ 9 6 3

w4 3

The bidding:


Pass 1x 2w Pass

2NT Pass 3NT Pass

Pass Pass

Opening lead: Queen of x

Here’s another deal in Eddie Kantar’s award-winning series ”Thinking Bridge,” designed for players who want to improve their game.

”South’s two no trump response to a two-level overcall shows 10-12 high-card points, possibly 13 with a singleton club flaw. North, with seven taking tricks, has an easy raise to three no trump. A three-club rebid would be non-forcing and cowardly to the max.

”East plays the two of spades at trick one denying an honor. When partner leads the queen against notrump, third hand unblocks or overtakes with an honor doubleton, signals encouragement with an honor plus length, otherwise plays low. No high-lows with low doubletons! This is notrump. North cannot ruff the third spade!

”South wins trick one with the king of spades, keeping East in doubt as to whether West has led from a Q-J or an A Q J combination. With an A K (x) stopper, taking the first trick at notrump with the king is far more deceptive than winning with the ace. Do it!”

2012 Tribune Media Services

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