Both vulnerable. East deals.


xQ 4 3

uJ 9 8

vA 3

wA K 7 6 4


x8 xK J 10 7 6 2

uA 3 uQ 10 5

vQ 9 7 5 2 v10 4

wQ J 9 5 3 w10 8


xA 9 5

uK 7 6 4 2

vK J 8 6


The bidding:


2x Pass Pass Dbl

Pass 4u Pass Pass


Opening lead: Eight of x

This deal is from a national team championship. After a routine auction started by East’s weak two-bid, South became declarer at four hearts.

West led his singleton spade, declarer captured East’s ten with the ace, crossed to the table with the king of clubs and ran the eight of hearts to West’s ace. Back came the queen of clubs to the ace, declarer shedding a diamond from hand. The trump king was cashed, both defenders following, the two top diamonds were cleared and a diamond was ruffed with the jack.

East was helpless. He could choose whether he wanted to be on lead now or later. No matter which he chose, he would be forced to lead away from his spade holding up to the queen to present declarer with his fulfilling trick.

At the table, East ruffed immediately, cashed the king of spades and led another spade, hoping his partner had another trump. Tough luck.

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