Woman: Police wouldn’t let me dress

By John W. Goodwin Jr.



A South Side woman says she is humiliated after being made to lie face down nude on her front porch during a police raid at her home.

Carlissa Douglas, 39, said she had just gotten off work Monday morning and was in the process of changing clothes preparing to take a nap when she heard some commotion and looked to see what was going on.

She said she was met near the front of her Auburndale Avenue home by several men who she later would learn were law- enforcement officers.

Douglas said she wanted to put on some clothes, but was told by the officers she could not go back up to a bedroom and dress. She said she managed to grab her granddaughter’s blanket for cover before she was grabbed by an officer and made to lie on the floor.

“I am bruised all over my arm from the way this one cop grabbed me. They grabbed me around my neck. I was just getting off work and didn’t know they were at the door. ... I was butt naked outside. They threw me down on the porch,” she said.

The officers involved were members of the Mahoning Valley Violent Crimes Task Force serving a warrant for the arrest of Douglas’ 15-year-old son. The juvenile ultimately was arrested during the search of the home.

“I am so humiliated. Everyone was standing outside. Then, they [officers] act like they don’t care and said they can do whatever they want because they are looking for somebody,” she said.

Jon Holloway, supervisory agent for the task force, would not discuss the particulars of the case or the arrest of the juvenile in the home, but he did say Douglas was given the opportunity to cover herself with a towel.

He said officers were looking for a suspect in a crime where someone was shot and could not allow Douglas to go to a bedroom where guns might be hidden.

“We did make an arrest for a robbery in a case where someone was shot in the course of that robbery,” he said. “Standard arrest procedures for the safety of everyone involved were followed.”

Holloway said officers had to identify everyone and clear the house for the safety reasons. They could not allow Douglas to return to another part of the house for more clothes. He again repeated she was given the opportunity to cover herself with a blanket.

Holloway said any complaints would be investigated by the proper authorities, but as of late Monday afternoon Douglas had not contacted his office.

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