Media came through for us

Media came through for us

Too often the media get A “bad rap” for promoting negative news to sell newspapers and improve ratings, but this time the media deserve kudos for its promotion of the Walmart Fighting Hunger campaign. It made my heart feel good to see television coverage morning, noon, and night on all local stations.

Youngstown would not have finished first without the blitz of promotion by the Youngstown media. WFMJ, WYTV, WKBN, The Vindicator and suburban publications united the Valley in a cause that will feed and educate thousands of people for years to come.

Rosie Marich, Austintown

Financial trouble all around

Austintown schools, finan- cial trouble; Boardman schools, financial trouble; Canfield schools, financial trouble; Liberty schools, financial trouble; Youngstown schools, financial trouble ...

Who can we thank? Our Republican governor and everybody who voted for him, especially 40 percent of the teachers who voted for him and finally are realizing they cut their own throats. We can give our money and tax breaks to everybody except where it counts.

Congressman Tim Ryan is giving Youngstown $1 million to help lure business, but without educated students, the only thing he will create are more $8-an-hour jobs.

Our young people will have to rely on the “Iron and Steal” business, the wife irons all day while the husband goes out and steals.

Andy Pappagallo Sr., Mineral Ridge