Public employees get their perks

Public employees get their perks

It seems as though I read in The Vindicator almost every week about some public employee who is being paid or getting ready to be paid for unused sick time or vacation time.

April 26, front page, “City law director — Legal shake-up adds flexibility.” How many more coffin nails do we need to see before the private sector taxpayer, those of us who pay for these outlandish perks of payments for unused sick leave and vacation time, say enough is enough? Unfortunately the governor should not have bitten off more than he could chew with SB 5. If he’d only gone after these two perks for public employees instead of the whole enchilada, getting himself labeled a union buster, maybe reasonable people would have voted for it.

And what about the April 25 headline, “YEA chief to teachers: Expect layoffs.” I’m no mathematician, but it begs the question: how many part-time teachers or staff could avoid future layoffs if recent retirees or those about to retire had not been paid large sums of money under their contractual agreements?

I’m still amazed how some public employees can go month after month, year after year, without taking vacation time to be with family or friends to recharge their batteries. They either have jobs with little or no stress, or they find a way to take time off and chalk it up to some business, or “monkey business.”

The slippery slope of greed and selfishness did other great societies in. Our once-great society is slipping away at a pace. Even the woods, where money used to grow on trees, are no longer there.

The answer? I’m not sure there is one anymore.

As a nation, we seem to have turned our backs on God, and even He must be shaking His head — just as we do so often with our children, who have lost respect for what they see as a lack of morals in our adult leadership.

Robert DeFelice, Poland