Justice speaks at Trumbull Law Day

Staff report


Yvette McGee Brown, raised by a single mother, elected at age 32 to a common pleas court judgeship in Columbus, candidate for lieutenant governor in 2010 and now an Ohio Supreme Court justice, gave some practical advice Thursday.

To the teenagers attending the Trumbull County Bar Association Law Day luncheon at Leo’s Ristorante, McGee Brown said, “Live more of your life offline.”

McGee Brown, serving as keynote speaker, said the social-media site Facebook has caused a lot of people to share their opinions to a lot of people in ways that could hurt them later in life.

“There will come a time when you look back on your musings at 16 and say, ‘I can’t believe I said that,’” she said.

“If they had Facebook at Ohio University [when she was in college], I would not be here before you today,” she said, drawing laughter.

On a legal topic, McGee Brown declared that the framers of the Constitution were “brilliant men” who created a judiciary branch separate from the legislative and executive branches to protect our rights.

The simplicity of the Constitution, written 224 years ago, enabled the U.S. Supreme Court to determine just weeks ago how to interpret whether police need a search warrant to place a GPS device on someone’s car — something the Founding Fathers never could have anticipated.

“And that tells you about the importance of the rule of law and how brilliant the framers were that that document is still relevant today,” she said.

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