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Hoodies with a Purpose

Published: Sat, March 31, 2012 @ 12:01 a.m.

By William K. Alcorn



Many who attended the Hoodies with a Purpose rally Friday, most wearing hooded sweat shirts, say they want swifter justice in the Feb. 26 slaying of Trayvon Martin in Florida.

Others, including one of the rally’s organizer, Kellie Kirksey of Boardman, a holistic psychotherapist at the Cleveland Clinic, also urged that love come to the front “because love heals, and justice can only come through love.”

Between 30 and 40 attended the rally, which started at 4 p.m. in front of the Mahoning County Court House. They held signs demanding “Justice” and asking for “Peace.”

The 17-year-old’s killing has raised protests here and around the country. He was shot Feb. 26 in Sanford, Fla., by George Zimmerman, member of a block watch, who says he was assaulted by the teen and shot in self-defense.

The protesters here chanted, “No justice, no peace” and “Stop the violence,” as they marched along Market Street, at least one wearing at T-shirt she had made with Trayvon Martin’s likeness and the words “Justice for Trayvon” on the front.

“I have a grandchild, too. Where did it become a law that you can’t go to the store wearing a hoodie,” said Marilyn Moore of Youngstown.

“There is no justice in this case. ... I haven’t seen any evidence he [Zimmerman] was attacked,” said Moore.

“I feel it is unfair. The shooter should have been arrested and thoroughly investigated,” said Liz Pless of Youngstown.

Pless doesn’t view the shooting as racially motivated. But it was a child. The excessive force was unnecessary, she said.

“If the shooter was in so much danger, why was he following the boy. He could have been my child. Just because you are on the block watch, it don’t give you the right to kill someone,” she said.

Marty Murphy, who brought his young nephew along “so he can learn,” said if a black man had killed the teen, he would have been charged the first day. “I don’t think they are doing justice in that case.”

Zimmerman has not been charged in the shooting.

A response needs to come from cities across America, because an injustice is being done to Trayvon Martin and his family, said the Rev. Kenneth Simon, pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Youngstown.

As the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. said: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” the Rev. Mr. Simon said.

“There should be intensive investigation and an arrest in the case. Based on the 911 tapes and pictures of Zimmerman, there is no evidence he was attacked. This was racial profiling in its highest order,” he said.

“My intention,” said Kirksey in organizing the rally, “is to spread more love and kindness rather than hate and fear.”

“When people respond out of fear, tragedy happens. We need to come together as a people. This needs to stop,” she said.


1doowoptokidrock(325 comments)posted 2 years ago

Not a very impressive turn out.I doubt they are jumping for joy in Sanford.

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2Photoman(953 comments)posted 2 years ago

So this group wants to see a dead Zimmerman and call it justice even though all the facts are not known? Well, I guess that's okay, however, if that is justice then shouldn't that same justice be applied to each and every one of our local ghetto shooters when they are apprehended?

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3ytownsteelman(616 comments)posted 2 years ago

A bunch of ignorant people who will not let the case unfold, who refuse to see both sides of the story and are being played as useful idiots by the race industry.

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4Shanty(17 comments)posted 2 years ago

If this is such an innocent young man, why are they only showing a picture of him at 13 years old instead of a more recent photograph. They are using this photo to gain more sympathy and stir the racial pot that much harder.

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5Freeatlast(1990 comments)posted 2 years ago

I do not know what happened , only two people do and one is dead
But I do know that if you come into one of my businesses with a hoodie up .
Do not even think you will get a job.
If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and has a hoodie like a duck it is most likely a duck .


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6fcb(313 comments)posted 2 years ago

If this man committed murder then he should be charged and go on trial.However to demand "swift justice" sounds like these people want to hang this guy from the nearest tree in the morning. I would also like some justice for the old man that was shot and killed picking up his wife from church on the south side. His wife was also shot and had to loose a leg.However,in the trial of the murderers this week the witnesses refuse to testify as to what they saw.Why is that? "Swift justice for one,but refuse to say any thing about another". People it's a shame but this country is still full of racism and blind justice. So.how about we all put our hoodies on and meet sunday morning at the church on the south side and march for both the young man killed in Florida AND the old man killed outside his church!

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7westcomm11(19 comments)posted 2 years ago

People wearing hoodies just don't want to be recognized ,those people downtown what a joke ,those kind of people are just looking to start trouble ,I say bring it on !!!!

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8Education_Voter(816 comments)posted 2 years ago

In the name of all that is holy! What problems with justice does Sanford have in comparison with Youngstown?!!

How about sentences cut for two young people who paralyze the father of 2 handicapped kids, for his bag of change from KFC. For that every move he ever will make is powered by his ability to blow into a straw.

Or the grandma who had her leg "practically shot of" and her husband killed in a rain of gunfire. The man of trial says his friend suddenly pulled out a machine gun and strafed their car, without him knowing...just as easily as my passenger littering a paper cup from McDonalds.

What happened in Florida is tragic. But not more tragic than the things that happen here and other places in our country everyday.

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9Fred(130 comments)posted 2 years ago

Trayvon Martin has been silenced but many people speak in his memory.

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10greene(167 comments)posted 2 years ago

Once again will the Vindicator tell us if
you are presumed innocent until proven guilty, by a jury of your peers, still applies...

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11UnionForever(1470 comments)posted 2 years ago

George Zimmerman did NOTHING wrong under the law! He acted under the Florida "No Retreat" law while under attack by Trayvon Martin. If Trayvon had retreated to his father's girlfriend's home, and not attacked George on his way back to his SUV, Trayvon would be alive today. Trayvon did himself in by his actions.

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12SheepleHerder(22 comments)posted 2 years ago

Sharpton and Jackson are nothing but shameless RACE HUSTLING POVERTY PIMPS. Can anyone tell me even one time where after they become involved in a situation there has been a positive outcome for the actual "victims"? They tout themselves as Emperor and co Emperor of black people but will no one see the obvious? They are only interested in their own little agenda's. The facts of this case are not in yet somehow this Hispanic man turned white and somehow this is racist?

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13cambridge(2918 comments)posted 2 years ago

....look away, look way, look away dixieland....

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14Education_Voter(816 comments)posted 2 years ago

Where are the protests for our own Black boys killed?
Suadonte Wright. 14 years old. Baby faced. Killed because someone gave him a gun. Lying on the ground, someone snatched back that gun before medical help even came.

Carlos Crues Jr. 17 years old. Fun loving, Church going.

I think about 5 Youngstown teenagers have been killed this school year. No college for them. Witnesses silenced by fear of retaliation. No justice except the quick and often mistaken justice of the street, which often takes the wrong person: see Thomas Repchic.

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15walter_sobchak(1750 comments)posted 2 years ago

Very blunt and, unfortunately, accurate. While there are good and bad in all races of people, we as AMERICANS have allowed the black family to become destroyed by government involvement and encouragement. This experiment of LBJ's Great Society has been a failure as we now have multiple generations of children being raised by single parents or grandparents. All this so politicians can get votes.

As to the Sanford issue, there are many fdacts that are not known to anyone but the police and prosecutors. As I understand FL stand your ground law, when the police investigate such an incident, if there is evidence that there was justification in a self-defense shooting, the police are actually prohibited from detaining the shooter. If Zimmerman had physical injuries consistent with his statement of the events, he had to be released. In fact, a prosecutor was contacted by police at the scene, presented with the evidence, and the prosecutor decided not to even respond to the scene. But, when Sharpton and Jesse Jackson show up to do another shake-down, it gets ugly. They will have to pay Jesse to cease and desist as before.

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16borylie(742 comments)posted 2 years ago

What if Raymond Fife, a white boy, had a bag of M&M's with him,would whites then be allowed to mobilize? After 32 years one of his black killers has yet to receive his full punishment. 32 YEARS,not 32 days. Justice???
Miss Angeline Fimognari,old white lady leaving church, allegedly shot by a black man, over 700 days and still hasn't been brought to trial. Justice and closure for her family and friends? Can whites mobilize? Can we have white hate groups brought in to rally?
Does the Vindicator have the guts to mention these disparities in these articles? Heck no. The editorial staff would rather jump up and down because the woman Claudia Hoering from Newton Falls allegedly killed her husband and left for Brazil and President Bush wouldn't use sanctions to bring her back. Yeah,waste ink on that story.
Blacks have taken the rights away from white people and now even white hispanics(haha). We can't say a whole lot of things that blacks deem racist. We can't speak our minds at risk of being a racist. We can't assemble even without race in mind and be called racists. Tea Party come to mind?
It's time we whites got back on equal footing with the blacks. We can't help what happened a 175 years ago and even what happened 75 years ago. It's time gone on. If the blacks want to reverse what happened then and make whites financial slaves,then whites,all whites including those in the media,must say enough is enough. We can use social media to mobilize and force the Mainstream Media to not let us be called racists because we're standing up for ourselves.
It's time for the blacks to stand on their own two feet and be personally responsible. I'm tired of supporting these people and getting grief in return.

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17Freeatlast(1990 comments)posted 2 years ago

Good kid , bad kid, black kid , brown kid , white kid , yellow kid , red kid
No difference if you walk around with your hoodie up covering your face looking like a Hoodlum want to be, your going get in trouble , period

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18Sunshine59(2 comments)posted 2 years ago

Don't judge Trayvon Martin by the crime going on in Youngstown, racism is alive and thriving in Fla. The facts remain that #1 Trayvon was unarmed, #2 Zimmerman followed Trayvon after being told not to, #3 Trayvon was not breaking any law.

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19redvert(2006 comments)posted 2 years ago

freeatlast, I do not agree with all of your opinions but I sure do agree with both of your posts here. It is amazing that these people are trying to make the thug trademark their theme.

Sure hope mommy and daddy got their Trayvon stuff copyrighted so they can profit from all of this.

ps; As Sharpton is heard muttering, "thank god for Tawana, I would be nothing without her!"

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20borylie(742 comments)posted 2 years ago

Sunshine, Worry about Youngstown where black on white crime is happening way to often. This is racism also.
If you want to worry about out of state racism,how about the elderly white couple attacked by black men in Kansas. The 81 year old woman raped and murdered, the husband in a coma. Just happened a few days ago. Guess this racist crime is not newsworthy.

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21deckman(3 comments)posted 2 years ago

It is shame when any child is taken from a parent. Being respected does not start by being a bad ass or carrying a weapon. Parents of older generations of all races taught their children respect for elders and authority. Today these young children do not respect anyone or anything, except what is on their own agenda. I am in my sixtys, and it does not matter if I am white or black, I still respect all signs of authority. I simple yes sir, no mam goes a long way. Parents need to stop teaching their young to make violence part of their first response and use a soft approach when confronted by individuals that are in power during certain situations. A simple smile and maybe I will just turn around and walk the other way, might have saved this young mans life.

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22thinkthentalk(257 comments)posted 2 years ago

Ya know, i was working outside last week, on the road because i work construction. I put my hood up because the wind kicked up and it was chilly. When my kids walked home from school, they put their hoodys up for the same reason. So which one of you gun happy bozos feel the need to shoot us?

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23pwhite1027(102 comments)posted 2 years ago

What a JOKE this "protest" was. Protest what? A man defending himself against a heartless thug?

This snot-nosed kid was a thug who attacked an elder - an adult who was not afraid to protect himself. Martin picked the wrong person to assault this time. Fortunately, the law-abiding citizen survived!

Hoodied person - Martin - instigated the entire incident. Martin was expelled from school three times for pot possession, demonstrating that he was heading down that lonesome road toward self-destruction - taking others along with him.

He was not the image portrayed in the 5-year old photo printed thru the liberal media nationwide. A photo that makes him look like an innocent small child. The media once again failed in its duty to fairly depict the truth of the situation.

Martin's family is looking to sue someone and become millionaires. As soon as they can sue someone and get $$$, this will fade away rapidly!!

Follow the money. As sick as it is.

May God Bless both individuals and their families.

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24LadyMadonna(32 comments)posted 2 years ago

Redvert - your reference to pickin' cotton? This just shows your ignorance. My ancestors picked cotton and I am proud. I participated in the demonstration and I am glad I did. I am proud of Dr. Kellie Kirtsey who organized the event and I am proud of each of my Facebook friends who came out. All I want is justice, My cousin was killed on the South Side earlier this year and it was painful to say goodbye. All I want is justice. KNOW JUSTICE KNOW PEACE.

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25Sunshine59(2 comments)posted 2 years ago

Borylie, racism is offensive no matter who the aggressor is black, white, brown or purple, I'm just saying, in this case. look at the facts. Unless we learn from history we will repeat it, we are repeating it.

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26borylie(742 comments)posted 2 years ago

Hey tough guy,why don't you walk down Hillman Street or any other south side street wearing your >hoodie<, without a gun? What are you going to do when they see "Whitey" in their hood? Tell them your one of the good white guys? You know one of the ones that don't profile.
And if you took away all guns,would you win in a knife fight? Somehow when thugs want to take something from you,they will. Wise up you liberal bozo.

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27Lifes2Short(3867 comments)posted 2 years ago


""I'm just saying, in this case. look at the facts""

What FACTS? Do you have the full Police, Investigators, witnesses accounts and statements?? No you DON'T! You have what the Media is dishing out to you and you can judge a person and what happened that night on that? No one has the FACTS except the authorities. Is that so hard to comprehend? Quit the race bait.


""All I want is justice. KNOW JUSTICE KNOW PEACE.""

So you'll convict a innocent person because you want justice? Really?


""Don't judge Trayvon Martin by the crime going on in Youngstown, racism is alive and thriving in Fla.
(So to you, racism is everywhere, huh? So the Black Panthers putting a bounty on Zimmerman isn't racism? That's perfectly OK. The 6 black kids beating up that white kid in Florida isn't racism, huh? And so many more black on white crimes. Racism is everywhere and all races are involved, especially the blacks. But see now I said that, I'll be portrayed as a racist and all I do his laugh at the stupidity.)

The facts remain that
#1 Trayvon was unarmed, (And Zimmerman knew that?? He had ESP? )
#2 Zimmerman followed Trayvon after being told not to.
(Was he specifically told to not follow him? Not sure what 911 call you heard but I heard different.)
#3 Trayvon was not breaking any law. (And as far as Florida laws, Zimmerman wasn't breaking any laws either?)


""Trayvon Martin has been silenced but many people speak in his memory.""

The Black Panthers putting a bounty out. His mom patenting his name and such. The racist snakes Jackson and Sharpton slithering out of there holes to rile up protesters. Obama dividing the races by talking. People trying to make a statement with Hoodies? Hoodies? That is a joke. Media coming out with the famous "White Hispanic" (did you ever hear of that race before this tragedy?) Don't lie Fred.

If they want to speak in his memory they should do it peacefully, not full of hate, and concentrate on blacks killing blacks every single day to serve in his memory.

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28jimmyd123(195 comments)posted 2 years ago

All these comments ever do is add fuel to the fire. If it was a white kid we would not be "protesting". These people have noting better to do but say its a racial thing. Really??? No one knows exactly what happened but right away Jessie & Al have to stick their nose in it and call it racism. Then the Black Panthers have put a contract out on the shooter with his address. These people think its all about some kid getting when in reality its about making themselves look like jerks. I'm not sticking up for this guy but you people have to let the system work. And if you don't like the way it is then move to another country.

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29fattynskinny(194 comments)posted 2 years ago

BLACK are the biggest racist of ALL! tired of all your crying bs. get a life!

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30Traveler(606 comments)posted 2 years ago

I have heard it said that white people think they are better then black and that isnt true. They just act better then black people in general. The black race has only themselves to blame for there problems

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31borylie(742 comments)posted 2 years ago

Why don't you just admit it. You care about this killing because you just don't like whites. You don't care about whites getting killed. You're a racist. Why is this killing in some town in Florida so special to you rather than an old lady leaving church in our town?

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32thinkthentalk(257 comments)posted 2 years ago

borlye, i did walk down hillman st with a hoodie. i used to drive a tow truck and go on AAA service calls in that part of town. even at night. not a problem. id go there show the same respect that i showed everywhere else, do my job, and get paid for it. 5'9, 170 lbs, without a gun. and ya know, sometimes i even got a tip...
Years later, i see some people in walmart, and they come up to me, and say hello. We can all get along. a smile and a handshake, and some respect is all it takes.

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33LadyMadonna(32 comments)posted 2 years ago

WOW...the comments are amazing. What is even more amazing is that you SAXON and everyone are entitiled to their opinion. Even more amazing is when we signed up for this forum to place your comments, you placed your information and who you are; further..all of this can be tracked...and even further, I know who many of you are. Our community will never be rid of racism, but we just have to deal with it. Regarding the Autism walk, there were hundreds in attendance and it was for a good cause, I supported it; I go to Scrappers games and other athletic events, so what is your point? Dr. Kellie Kirtsey organized HOODIES for PEACE to promote awareness and peace. All the details of Tryvon Martin will be revealed ultimately. Until then, give your opinion and be nice or better yet be yourself, racist or not. I will continue to read and know...(who you are)

Suggest removal:

34borylie(742 comments)posted 2 years ago

Our community as you say will never get rid of racism because the blacks hate whites and teach this all the time. All the blacks want is the white money. Other than that you'll could care less about Miss Angeline Fimognari,the Repchic's and Raymond Fife.
Also a typical black and union reaction when you're losing the battle of wits. Threaten and intimidate to try and silence the opposition. Go ahead and expose the posters here and the Vindy would have hundreds of law suits. How about all whites quit eating at Charlie Staples until he comes out and says blacks are racists. We can boycott and intimidate to. You'll better let sleeping dogs lie.

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35borylie(742 comments)posted 2 years ago

You state all it takes is a little respect,and you call those that oppose your point of view "gun toting bozo's"? I would guess there's more guns on the South Side than in any suburban town around Youngstown,so who were you referring to as "gun toting bozo's"? Can you equate your post with the respect you speak of?

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36furor(7 comments)posted 2 years ago

Can't we all just get along? Criticism only causes hate.

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37thinkthentalk(257 comments)posted 2 years ago

bor, your kind is only happy when it can promote hate and bigotry. Its always a white VS black war with you. You act like a white vs white or black vs black is "ok".
Its not.
Its an animal b#stard vs man issue. Any injustice is wrong. Your animosity toward the POS that commits the crime should be the same regardless of his race. I want to see agee fry for what he did. Not because hes black, but because of what he did. We all want justice for Miss Fiminari, because it is RIGHT, not because YOU assume the b#stard was black.
The bozo remark is for those that promote this agenda of turning this country into the wild wild west. Make you feel like you have to have a gun in the seat cushions of your couch because some bogeyman is gonna crash through your front door. Thats what they have to do to sell more guns. Make you feel like you have to have a gun when you leave the house.

Suggest removal:

38borylie(742 comments)posted 2 years ago

I'm not sure in your rambling rant that you think that I have a gun. Don't have one and wouldn't know how to load one.
And listen up,this article is about black vs. white and the injustices. So how I'm I promoting hate and bigotry when I respond to an article that asks for comments? I'm just tired of the blacks always blaming whites for all of their problems and I just want to point out that blacks cause a lot of their problems without any help from whites, and I'm tired of being muzzled,threatened and intimidated by people who can only see black power.
Someday soon when the poop hits the fan,the blacks aren't going to care where you stand on issues,they're going to see whites as the enemy. So you'd better hide the hoodie clad children of yours.

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39LadyMadonna(32 comments)posted 2 years ago

Borlie...yes, I will let you lie and sleep. God bless!

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40borylie(742 comments)posted 2 years ago

Thanks for letting me lie and sleep. I should sleep much better with your blessings.
Seriously,have a great and safe life.

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41Lifes2Short(3867 comments)posted 2 years ago


""Make you feel like you have to have a gun in the seat cushions of your couch because some bogeyman is gonna crash through your front door.""

Just a 1 minute search on armed home invasions with the "bogeyman" armed.....Say your comment to these people....especially the ones that had kids and babies in the house and the 90 year old man about your "bogeyman." This was just a quick search I'm sure I can find tons more of these "bogeyman" home invasions. SMH at such stupidity.






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42thinkthentalk(257 comments)posted 2 years ago

Well, the weather is warming, hoodys put away. My kids should be safe. Me,however, i like to wear a ball cap backwards (bald spot). Everybody ok with that? No need to reply for positive.

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43Lifes2Short(3867 comments)posted 2 years ago


"Dr. Kellie Kirtsey organized HOODIES for PEACE to promote awareness and peace."

This sounds like Awareness and Peace?

""“I have a grandchild, too. Where did it become a law that you can’t go to the store wearing a hoodie,” said Marilyn Moore of Youngstown.""

Who said it was against the law? (anger)

"""“There is no justice in this case. ... I haven’t seen any evidence he [Zimmerman] was attacked,” said Moore."""
"""“I feel it is unfair. The shooter should have been arrested and thoroughly investigated,” said Liz Pless of Youngstown."""
"""“If the shooter was in so much danger, why was he following the boy. He could have been my child. Just because you are on the block watch, it don’t give you the right to kill someone,” she said."""

These people only seem to listen to the Media and the racist Sharpton and Jackson and the Black Panthers and making Zimmerman already guilty. (denial for Justice, one sided, media influence,hatred)

""Marty Murphy, who brought his young nephew along “so he can learn,” said if a black man had killed the teen, he would have been charged the first day. “I don’t think they are doing justice in that case.”"""

This comment is so racist and to tell a young child this?? (stupidity)

And this comment from a Reverand?? Unreal...

"""“There should be intensive investigation and an arrest in the case. Based on the 911 tapes and pictures of Zimmerman, there is no evidence he was attacked. This was racial profiling in its highest order,” he said."""

Based on 911 tapes and pictures the media throws out your going to base a profile on someone?? That is not very peaceful is it? (hatred)

And btw this came out today where Fox News spliced the 911 call to say
Zimmerman had said, "This guy looks like he's up to no good. He looks black."

In reality, Zimmerman was answering a dispatcher's question:
Zimmerman: This guy looks like he's up to no good. Or he's on drugs or something. It's raining and he's just walking around, looking about.
Dispatcher: OK, and this guy--is he black, white or Hispanic?
Zimmerman: He looks black.

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44USMC0331(150 comments)posted 2 years ago

Google this

Ghetto Bastards: The Doctor James David Manning Show

Best show i've ever seen!!!!

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45walter_sobchak(1750 comments)posted 2 years ago

This is case is no longer about the truth. It is about spinning the evidence to prop up a particular point of view. This is especially true when Rev. Sharpton and Rev. Jackson show up so they can beat the racism drum. Where are these reverend's churches and congregations at? If they didn't have this issue, they would not have a job if you call skaking people down a legitimate job.

If yo read the initial police reports and analyze the timeline, you can see that the police had no choice but to conclude that Zimmerman felt in imminent threat of danger and, under FL statute, the police are PROHIBITED from arresting him. There are way too many falsehoods being perpetuated about this incident.

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46furor(7 comments)posted 2 years ago


Recently, I received an e-mail from a college professor who shows a video of one of my speeches in her classroom. She explained that she was in need of a citation for a claim I had made in the video, to the effect that although blacks and Latinos are far more likely than whites to be searched by police after a traffic stop, it is whites who are more likely--four times more likely in fact--to be found with drugs or other contraband on us, on the much less frequent occasions when we're the ones searched.

I happily obliged, sending her the web link for a 2005 Department of Justice report, in which the data can be found. Apparently, she was being challenged by one of her white male students, who was certain the claim must be wrong. Of course. Because everybody knows black and brown folks are the ones with all the drugs. Armed with his high school diploma, he felt confident challenging the person who is academically certified to teach him something, as if her years of experience and research counted for nothing, and as if mine (twenty-plus at this point) were irrelevant to the search for truth.

The truth is, folks of color (especially African Americans) are well aware of the negative stereotypes held about their racial group by an early age. Indeed, recent evidence indicates an awareness of these stereotypes by as soon as the third grade, and rarely later than the fifth: around the age of, say, eleven. This awareness--which is not due to liberals bringing it up, but rather, the result of black and brown folks living with the mistreatment that stems from the stereotypes and being exposed to them in media and elsewhere--has been found to dramatically impact academic performance. Even (and especially) among highly capable and motivated students of color, the fear of living down to a stereotype has been shown to generate such anxiety that it can suppress performance, relative to ability, thereby perpetuating the very performance gaps that feed the stereotypes about black intelligence in the first place. In other words, whether or not white racism is discussed, the knowledge of its existence is sufficient to negatively impact black and brown success. Talking about racism isn't the problem: racism itself is.


Tim Wise's Biography

Tim Wise is among the most prominent anti-racist writers and activists in the U.S., and has been called, "One of the most brilliant, articulate and courageous critics of white privilege in the nation," by best-selling author and professor Michael Eric Dyson, of Georgetown University. Wise has spoken in 48 states, and on over 600 college campuses, including Harvard, Stanford, and the Law Schools at Yale and Columbia, and has spoken to community groups around the nation.

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47BabaGhanoush(106 comments)posted 2 years ago

They may start out in life as sweet innocent children, but by the time adolescence hits, and the pernicious influence of hip-hop culture takes hold, they’re lost.


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48KarieeDee(6 comments)posted 2 years ago

I honestly can't believe everything I have read here...every encounter, comment, action, (presumably negative) is allowed to represent an entire population? I admit that a vast majority of black people, especially here in the valley, need to be held accountable. Yes, there are a lot of black people in this community that are uneducated and act as such in all areas of life, but I ask each and every person that reads these posts to NOT let every negative encounter speak for an entire race of people. Not every black person is the same, not every person is the same for that matter.I agree with several other posts here, there needs to be a greater initiative taken with violence here in the city. I do not regard entire races of people as a "collective". Each person I encounter on a daily basis, is exactly that, ONE PERSON. I am black, I am educated, I am gainfully employed and I support the arts and various other programs throughout the city and suburbs. So if you were to see me out in public, with a hoodie on, am I just a "thug" looking for trouble? Or someone who's never going to make it in life? Or just another one of those racist blacks, lol. I probably wouldn't even need to wear the hoodie to generate these thoughts lol, but is it possible to be regarded for the person I am? A person, who just so happens to be black and chose to wear a hoodie that day.

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49Lifes2Short(3867 comments)posted 2 years ago


""Each person I encounter on a daily basis, is exactly that, ONE PERSON.""

Agree with you on that and that ONE PERSON should treat others how they want to be treated. Not to difficult. Race should have no bearings on a person, if you want respect act like you want it, not be full of hate.

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50KarieeDee(6 comments)posted 2 years ago


I agree w you 100%. I am always conscious of how I treat others and how I am perceived. I feel it's only fair to treat people as I would like to be treated, for who am judge and deem anything less.

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51mnascar(32 comments)posted 2 years ago

Put updated pictures of this kid in paper not one that is six years old. Quit screaming race. Let the justice system do it's job. Why haven't we heard of the white man shot and killed by the black guy in Florida on the same night?
This is a joke. You would think after slavery blacks would be against hanging!

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52Thomas1(14 comments)posted 2 years ago

Go online and search for the video "innocent white guy rolled in the hood." It is of a white kid wearing a Mountain Dew shirt who gets sucker punched and then robbed and literally stripped by a group of blacks. Is this a hate crime? It is interesting the only person who is assaulted, robbed and stripped also happens to be the only white person there.

Will Rev. A Sharptonl and Jesse Jackson hold marches to call for no justince/no peace? Will there be marches in all of the cities with people wearing Mountain Dew shirts? Will a congressman go on the floor of the House of Representatives and strip down to his Mountain Dew t-shirt to protest what happened??

I won't hold my breath.

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53JME(801 comments)posted 2 years ago

If Oblama had a Mountain Dew, it would look just like this kids shirt.

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54OKthen(22 comments)posted 2 years ago


Wednesday, March 28, 2012
The Reginald Denny lesson...
During the 1992 LA riots, Mr. Denny was yanked from his truck in the middle of an intersection by a group of black men. They set upon him and smashed a cinderblock (seen in the photo right below the gas tank) into his face, leaving him for dead, and DANCED and CHEERED.

Why? Because he was white.

Reginald Denny, after many painful surgeries and months of rehabilitation, went to the jail where his assailants were serving time and FORGAVE them to their faces.

Reverend Jackson and the rest of the Black Community would be better served by teaching their children THIS lesson.

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55OKthen(22 comments)posted 2 years ago

It is not I who is exciting tensions. The New Black Panthers putting a bounty on Zimmerman are far from perpetuating love. The research that I have done on Reginald Denny shows that what happend to him was nothing short of brutal. The jury is still out on Trayvon and what happened to him. More facts are coming to light. To create white or black victims over this matter is non productive in the national interest.

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56zz3(874 comments)posted 2 years ago

Go to YOUTUBE.COM and look up sgblack101 this guy has all the answers it it for mature adult audience and who can accept blunt truth. a definite 5-star on this one Check it out if ya dare

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57ohdrama0901(53 comments)posted 2 years ago

@ boreylie or whatever you go by on here...what in the world are you talking about? What is white money? You sound oh so stupid and I feel good telling you so. The only color I remember seeing money being is green but you could be referring to that "crazy check" on that white paper you get in the mail from the government once a month I suppose.

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58borylie(742 comments)posted 2 years ago

Direct deposit.

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59masbizkit99(4 comments)posted 2 years ago

Unless you are jogging and its raining dont wear a hoodie. Although in no way do I condone shooting a kid especially if hes unarmed . . dont put yourself in the same crowd with thieves and low lifes and you wont get targeted its a easy concept people dont seem to understand. Thieves wear hoodies for a reason cause it conceals their idenity. Trouble makers usually wonder around in hoodies when its not raining if you want to wear a hoodie dont put the hood up and people wont give you trouble so have some class.

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60supermom(3 comments)posted 2 years ago

I almost never comment on these emotionally charged rants because they don't solve anything. But this one is so annoying. WHY are the parents outraged? Because of the way it was handled by their local police. Tragic events like these happen to people everyday (unfortunately) with various race/victim/criminal combinations and scenarios. Treyvon's parents chose to go to the media because of the police response, and the media took it and ran with it, as well as many others (racists, activists, etc.). Heck, I may have done the same if it was my son and I felt the police were not investigating fully. REGARDLESS OF RACE, any parent in this situation would want the truth about what happened, a thorough investigation, and justice served (if applicable). What a circus this has become! ~eyeroll~

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61supermom(3 comments)posted 2 years ago

@thinkthentalk, comment # 46, I agree with you 100%

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