Marriage licenses

Alido Rivera Jr., 41, of 311 Park Drive, Campbell, and Michelle R. Rodriguez, 37, of same.

Jacob M. Giuriceo, 27, of 1333 Red Tail Hawk Drive, Apt. 2, Boardman, and Jaclyn Mazias, 23, of same.

Harry A. Franks, 75, of 15843 W. Akron-Canfield Road, Berlin Center, and Uta Alexander, 68, of same.

Joseph J. Ragozine, 35, of 124 Argyle Ave., Boardman, and Tara K. Booth, 23, of same.

Charles W. Masters, 60, of 2252 Heston Drive, Lake Milton, and Teresa Kondas, 50, of same.

Kyle C. Ruth, 26, of 486 S Raccoon Road E37, Austintown, and Keyondra S. Price, 27, of same.

Jeffrey W. Kempe, 35, of 4300 Westford Place, Unit 11A, Canfield, and Erica B. Antonucci, 27, of 840 Ewing Road, Boardman.


State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance v. Yolanda Febres, order of magistrate.

Capital One Bank v. Joseph Phelan, order of magistrate.

Elaine Lawson et al v. James R. Dicioccio et al, dismissed.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Christopher Daquelente et al, dismissed.

Margaret Hritzo et al v. Michael Miladore, M.D., dismissed.

Ralph Ferrara v. Edward J. Barone et al, dismissed.

Wedgewood Condominium Owners Association Inc. v. David Klatman et al, order of magistrate.

K&T Realty Ltd. et al v. Reach Magazine of Northeast Ohio et al, decision of magistrate.

Daniel Duran v. Canfield Industries Inc. et al, settled and dismissed.

Gerald A. Ohlin et al v. Ronald J. Ohlin et al, judgment entered.

Chase Home Finance LLC v. Marc A. Silvestri et al, dismissed.

Steve Passas v. Vimas Painting Company Inc. et al, settled and dismissed.

Jean M. Amer v. Suzanne Dentremont Brown et al, order of magistrate.

Thea L. Grace v. Steve Buehrer, admin. BWC et al, settled and dismissed.

June Calhoun v. GL International LLC et al, settled and dismissed.

HSBC Bank USA v. Jeremy J. Batchelor et al, foreclosure.

Dorothy L. Suha v. Josetta A. Ciambotti et al, settled and dismissed.

Wells Fargo Bank NA as trustee v. Ulysses Rincon et al, foreclosure.

City Centre One Ltd. v. John W. Beato et al, judgment for plaintiff.

Joseph Haring v. Public Safety State Highway Patrol et al, judgment of magistrate.

Carlos Vidal v. Shelly Company et al, order of magistrate.

Laura Dimuzio et al v. Edward R. King et al, order of magistrate.

Ronald J. Mihalick v. Scott R. Cochran, order of magistrate.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Robert A. Mocker et al, dismissed.

Huntington National Bank v. D&G Enterprises Inc. et al, judgment of magistrate.

GMAC Mortgage LLC v. Harriet E. Deiley et al, foreclosure.

EMC Mortgage LLC v. John M. Slike et al, foreclosure.

Everbank v. David E. Aberegg et al, dismissed.

FIA Card Services NA v. John W. Lissi, dismissed.

Angela A. Grahovac v. Waleed Mansour, dismissed.

Waleed N. Mansour v. Angela Grahovac, dismissed.

Debbie Maderitz v. Ken Ledinko, order of magistrate.

Margarita Caban v. Keonte Mackey, order of magistrate.

Melissa M. Dugan v. Jeremy Keffer, order of magistrate.

Richelle Guerrieri v. Reggie D. Huff, order of magistrate.

Richelle Guerrieri v. David A. Brys, M.D., order of magistrate.

State v. Damon L. McCall, dismissed.

State v. Humes A. Gregory Jr., dismissed.

State v. Donald R. Williams, sentenced on probation violation.

State v. Daniel Dixon, sentenced on probation violation.

State v. William E. Bodnar, pleads guilty to trafficking in drugs.

State v. Anthony J. Bodnar, pleads guilty to trafficking in drugs.

State v. Michael Bennett, court imposes three year community control.

State v. Samantha Maxwell, court imposes five years community control.

State v. Richard Schwartz, pleads guilty to possession of heroin.

State v. Michael T. Watkins, sentenced.

State v. Kenneth C. Sharpe, sentenced to five years community control.

State v. Sheila Kralj, court imposes three years community control.

State v. John R. Warchol Jr., sentenced two years community control supervised by APA.

State v. Terrence D. Royal, sentenced to five years community control supervised by APA.

State v. Keith Brooks, sentenced.

State v. Joseph T. Duarte III, pleads guilty to burglary and possession of drugs.

State v. Jerry Lee Mosley, sentenced.

Douglas Susany et al v. Joseph Zdrilich et al, decision of magistrate.

John P. Kadilak v. State of Ohio Unemployment Comp. Review Comm. et al, magistrate’s decision adopted.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Raymond M. Holdash et al, sale withdrawn.

Shannon Frederick v. Shirley Fiehler, settled and dismissed.

Francetta Davis v. Youngstown School District Murphy Contracting, order of magistrate.

Niki Datri Enterprises v. James Hines, order of magistrate.

JP Morgan Chase Bank v. Marilyn Burr et al, foreclosure.

Home Savings and Loan v. Thomas J. Williams et al, judgment decreed.

Lino Pelligrini et al v. Mowry W. Young et al, order of magistrate.

Household Realty Corp. v. Thomas Harris et al, order of magistrate.

Cori L. Cohagan v. Beatrice K. Schmidt et al, order of magistrate.

Citimortgage Inc. v. Ted M. Ricci et al, foreclosure.

Bank of America v. Melissa A. Lucas et al, order of magistrate.

Boyd Kennedy et al v. Christopher Kelso, judgment of magistrate.

Nicolas Figueroa v. Cristina Olivera, order of magistrate.

Annabelle Lerch v. Kenneth Ledinko, order of magistrate.

Annabelle Lerch v. Rhonda Jones, order of magistrate.

Brian Teague v. Kenneth Ledinko, order of magistrate.

Real estate

Fannie Mae to Marvin P. Hayes, Rush Blvd, Youngstown, $37,500.

Robert E. Petras et al to J.H. Enterprise LLC, Wesley Ave., Youngstown, $25,000.

J.H. Enterprise LLC to Redline Investments Inc., Hartford, Youngstown, $38,000.

Barbara Cerimeli to John Marino, New Road, Austintown, $40,000.

Matt J. McKenzie et al to Terry J. Buttry, North Lima Road, Poland, $99,900.

Cornith LLC v. Russell A. Cardona et al, N Bruce St., Youngstown, $8,500.

Napoleon A. Bell et al to English F. Preston et al, Youngstown, $20,000.

Paul V. Repko Jr. et al to Thomas I. Sikora, Poland Ave., Struthers, $46,000.

Stephen Kotyuha to Sean D. Amrich, McCollum Road, Youngstown, $59,900.

Moorish Community Development Corp. to James E. Frease, Lealand Ave., Poland, $25,000.

Seven Seventeen Credit Union to Robert J. Danes Jr., Brookfield Ave., Boardman, $92,000.


Bankruptcies Chapter 7

Lisa R. Housteau, 120 Pine Cove Drive, Canfield.

Edward J. Chipps, 42 S Inglewood Ave., Austintown.

Kim J. Nezbeth, 18370 Western Reserve Road, North Benton.

Shanequah S. Jackson, 4051 Glenwood Ave., Apt. 26, Boardman.

Deanna L. Scandy, 1604 W Hampton Drive, Austintown.

Danyelle M. Italiano, 5057 Tam-O-Shanter, Boardman.

James D. Puhalla, 7018 Marinthana Ave., Boardman.

Mary E. Lutz, 18391 Fifth St., Beloit.

Thomas L. Welsh, 27 W Chalmers Ave., Youngstown.

Scott Shoaff, P.O. Box 123, Damascus.

James P. Osso III, 5719 Norquest Blvd., Austintown.

Maria E. Anzevino, 165 Westminster Ave., Austintown.

Danielle M. Kimble, 9191 North Lima Road, Apt. 52B, Poland.

Joivonna M. Strait, 3337 42nd St., Canfield.

Kathleen A. Applegate, 383 W. Scott St., Youngstown.

Saquoya Townsend, 2019 E. Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown.

Lorraine J. Long, 9120 North Lima Road, Apt. 13, Poland.

David A. Fisher, 455 E. Florida Ave., Sebring.

Richard E. Ingledue Sr., 10520 Martin Road, Alliance.

Leroy Adams Jr., 4882 Westchester Drive, Apt. 2, Austintown.

Carla A. Napoli, 1339 Pheasant Court, Boardman.

Jonathan E. Singer, 9 Willow Way, Canfield.

Amina N. Shelton, 260 Pasadena Ave., Youngstown.

James F. Martin, 3630 Joyce Ann Drive, Youngstown.

Margaret A. Cleckner, 45 N Raccoon Road, Apt. 101, Austintown.

Jon K. Long, 6278 Stoneyridge Drive, Austintown.

David J. Thistlewaite Sr., 5531 Webb Road, Austintown.

Fatime Dowdell, 718 Pasdena Ave., Youngstown.

James E. Mullen, 457 Eighth St., Apt. 2, Struthers.

Tedy J. Mendez, 321 S. Truesdale Ave., Youngstown.

Charles E. Whiting Jr., 11152 Detwiler Road, Columbiana.

Robert G. Jordan Sr., 446 W. Judson Ave., Youngstown.

Cirell P. Howard, 2001 S Heights Ave., Youngstown.

Mashell D. Winphrie, 269 E Lucius Ave., Youngstown.

Robert E. Vicarel, 4618 Simon Road, Boardman.

Marci D. Lampkin, 541 E Florida, Youngstown.

Thomas R. Cole Jr., 1719 S Heights Ave., Youngstown.

Jennifer L. Nixon, 204 Argyle Ave., Boardman.

Louise A. Elia, 6486 Diana Drive, Apt. 5, Poland.

Shirley A. Clausen, 1638 Medford, Youngstown.

Bernard Auto Parts Inc., 1586 Mahoning Ave., Youngstown.

Bankruptcies Chapter 13

Lashana Hudson, 328 Chicago, Youngstown.

Jeffrey M. Phillips, 1318 Mere Court, Boardman.

Joseph A. Gonzalez Sr., 79 Arlene Ave., Boardman.

Jennifer L. Ziobert, 10201 Midway Drive, New Middletown.

Samuel P. Fleming, 11 Willow Way, Canfield.

Paula G. Libbey, 72 Woodview, Boardman.

Samuel R. Letizia Jr., 39 Creed Circle, Campbell.

Eric A. Hufnagel, 3644 Risher Road, Youngstown.

Laura Mate, 244 Wetmore Drive, Struthers.

Gloria L. Short, 762 Cheriwood Court, Boardman.

John P. Donofrio, 6180 Springridge Road, Petersburg.

Gail E. Patterson, 409 Wilcox Road, Austintown.

David P. McGuire Jr., 5923 Yorktown Lane, Austintown.

Reginald Williams, 107 Pin Oaks Place, Campbell.

Alvin S. Katz, 7505 Jaguar Drive, Boardman.

Mary H. Fiorenza, 108 Morrison St., Struthers.

Dominic J. Frazzini Jr., 653 Oakridge Drive, Boardman.

Antoinette C. Pace, 3565 Starwick Drive, Canfield.

Gary L. Switzer, 195 W Michigan Ave., Sebring.

Walter J. Ball, 3752 Shields Road, Canfield.

Christina M. Brannon, 142 N Brockway Ave., Youngstown.

Renee A. Suri, 1809 Overlook Ave., Youngstown.

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